Dr. Manoj Khanna

Dr. Manoj Khanna is a leading figure when it comes to cosmetic and hair transplant surgeries in India. He is the chairman of Enhance Aesthetic and Cosmetic Studio which is well known for cosmetic and plastic surgeries. Although Dr. Khanna is widely recognized as an expert in cosmetic science, he has also made a name for himself in the hair transplant industry.

Dr. Khanna’s reputation in the hair transplant industry can be described as a black and white perspective. Some claims that he does an excellent job in transplanting hair, while there are some who claims to have been his former client and said that his procedures are not at all effective.

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Client #1 – vaibhavgupta7j

The first patient has had a great experience with Dr. Khanna. He claims that Dr. Khanna has the most completed hair transplant surgeries in all of India. He added that Dr. Khanna is also highly qualified and an experience surgeon.

One of the most compelling factor that the patient pointed out about Dr. Khanna is how delicate he is in dealing with his patients. The patient claims that Dr. Khanna always make sure that patients are comfortable during the whole procedure. The same goes for his staff.

Dr. Khanna did well as the patient recalls. He recounts that he did not feel any pain at all, or if there is any hint of pain it is completely negligible. Dr. Khanna also engaged the patient in small talks, keeping him updated with what is going on with the operation. By applying this strategy, the patient feels comfortable and assured since his mind is not occupied by the whole procedure.

The patient’s procedure requires 4,500 grafts. According to his account, the operation was done quite well and he was very much satisfied with the results. The patient did not share any photo to back up his claim. However, based on his account about the procedure and the results, it sounds that he is very much satisfied with it all.

Client #2

The second patient has a male baldness pattern that runs through his family. He said that father and two older brothers have all lost their hair at a fairly young age. He started noticing his hair loss at when he was around 50 years old. Over the years, he also noticed that his hair is getting thinner.

The hair loss problem did not bother the patient at all. However, everything changed when he was looking for a job. He suddenly felt pressure on how he looks and that he feels that having a thin hair may have affected his chances of landing a job.

Like any sane men would do at this point of time, he went online and researched about the possible causes of hair loss as well as cures. At first, he was both critical and skeptical about the strip method, but after a brief consultation with Dr. Khanna, he eventually changed his mind.

The patient did not share any detailed account of his experience with Dr. Khanna. However, he did point out that Dr. Khanna did an excellent job. The operation was completely painless and he was able to notice significant changes several weeks after the procedure was done.

According to the patient, he will definitely recommend Dr. Khanna to his friends.

Client #3 – Ephraim

Compared to the previous two patients, this last one is not exactly a story of success. The patient claims that he had his hair transplant done by Dr. Khanna way back in 2011.

To be fair, the patient had some nice words to say to Dr. Khanna. First, he commended Dr. Khanna for quickly responding to his emails and inquiries. He also praised Dr. Khanna’s hospitality and friendly nature. He also appreciated the fact that Dr. Khanna provides upfront quotes for free.

On the other hand, the patient claims that Dr. Khanna did a subpar job in terms of hair transplant surgery. For one, he claims that Dr. Khanna grafted the hair follicles in a thin and regular pattern which in turn made the resulting transplant fake and artificial. The patient also doubted the number of hair implanted.

And then there is the price. The patient claims that Dr. Khanna’s price range is way higher compared to his contemporaries. According to the patient, Dr. Khanna charged him Rs. 80 per graft which is way more expensive compared to the standard going rate.

The patient is not entirely happy of the result as well. He said that he felt humiliated by how thin his resulting hair was.

Conclusion: It is unfair to judge Dr. Khanna’s aptitude based on these three accounts only. Nevertheless, it has opened up an interesting argument regarding the competency of hair transplant surgeons. With the growing demand for this industry not only in India but also in different parts of the world, some practitioners will resort to doing substandard jobs in exchange of more clients and more money.





Dr. Pathuri Madhu

Dr. Madhu has a storied career as a hair transplant surgeon. He has been practicing for more than a decade and he has racked up more than a thousand procedures throughout his practice. He is also regarded as one of the pioneers of advanced hair transplanting techniques in India.

Dr. Madhu’s reputation as the best hair transplant in Hyderabad epitomized by hundreds of awards and commendation of excellence for his chosen field. He is an active member of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, the most respected group of experts in the field. He is also a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

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Client #1 – ukmale40

The first patient is a 40-year-old male from Europe. Just like most men his age, the possibility of immense hair loss is inevitable. He had two FUT hair transplant procedures in Europe, both of which were done in the early 2000’s. Moreover, he have also refrained from using minoxidil or finasteride.

One of the factors that deterred him from tapping European hair transplant clinics is the cost. Due to this dilemma, he decided to do some research and he joined various online forums in order to gather information about other alternatives. This is how he was able to get acquainted with Dr. Madhu.

After several correspondence, Dr. Madhu diagnosed his case and said that it will need 2,500 grafts which will cost him Rs. 50 per graft. That is exponentially cheaper compared to his experience in Europe.

The patient flew to Hyderabad where Dr. Madhu’s clinic is located. He spent a total of three days in the country.

As for his procedure, he commended Dr. Madhu’s staff which consisted of more than 15 people compared to just three that he had in Europe. The resulting transplant also worked well for him, especially when compared to the ones he had in Europe.

Overall, the patient is extremely satisfied with his experience. He is happy with the result of his hair transplant and the fact that it only cost him a fraction of what he paid when he had his procedure done in Europe is a great bonus.

Dr Madhu Hair Transplant Cost Per Graft

Treatment type $ Rs
FUT Method $0.8 Rs 50
FUE Method $1.20 Rs 75

Client #2 – Rasu

This particular case took place in 2011. The patient uses the pseudonym Rasu. He is a 32-year-old male from South India. He managed to know everything about Dr. Madhu’s hair transplant expertise through various online forums and recommendations from people he have met online.

Based on his account, Dr. Madhu was very hands on from the moment he arrived on the clinic. The patient’s case requires a total of 2,605 grafts broken down to 1,335 singles, 1,100 doubles, and 170 triples. The method used for this particular procedure is strip FUT.

According to Rasu, the number grafts was necessary in order to give the bald part of his head a good density of hair once the transplants start to grow. Nevertheless, he is convinced with what Dr. Madhu recommended to him.

Upon arrival on the clinic, he was immediately amazed by the high-tech equipment. He also commend Dr. Madhu’s delicate handling of the whole procedure.  The procedure went well and he was advised to take Finpecia and Tugain Foam after 10 days, he was told that these two medications were essential to retain his native hair.

Five months after the procedure, Rasu shared some photos of his transplanted hair and it revealed quite an improvement. Based on his subsequent comments, he was very satisfied with his hair transplant procedure and commends Dr. Madhu for the excellent service.

Client #3 – django

This third case happened in 2013. At that time, the third patient is a 28-year-old Indian male. Prior to his hair transplant procedure, he have been using various products in order to remedy his bald patch. Nevertheless, as time progresses, it came to a point that it can no longer be concealed hence his decision to look for professional help.

Django settled with Dr. Madhu as his choice to perform the procedure he needed. According to Dr. Madhu, django’s particular case requires around 2,800 grafts to give his patch a nice density.

The procedure yielded 2,720 grafts broken down to 820 singles, 1,620 doubles, and 280 triples. The hair transplant surgery started around 7:30 Am and they were finished by 12:00 noon. The entire extraction was able to yield 4,900 hair.

A month after the procedure, django shared a photo showing the status of his transplant and it looks great. He was very impressed with the result along with the hospitality and courteousness that Dr. Madhu had extended to him. Based on his comments later on, django ws very satisfied with the work Dr. Madhu has done to fix his receding hairline.

Conclusion: There are many reasons why Dr. Madhu is regarded as one of the best hair transplant surgeon in India, and these three cases are just a fraction of it. Dr. Madhu continues to deliver impressive results to all its clients and it is no wonder why people from all over the world continue to flock into his clinic.





Dr. Suneet Soni

Dr. Suneet Soni is a general surgeon with specialization in the field of hair transplant surgery and plastic surgery. He is the director and chief consultant of Medispa Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Center which is one of the most revered hair and skin care clinic in India.

As a general surgeon, Dr. Soni has a wide experience in terms of routine plastic surgery and operations like burn contractures and facial clefts. Throughout his storied career, Dr. Soni has successful completed more than 2,000 hair transplant operations. In terms of hair transplant procedures, he is adept in both strip and FUE and FUT methods.

Dr. Soni is a respected member of the Indian Medical Association, Indian Association of Hair Restoration, and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Client #1 – Mukul

The name of the first patient is Mukul, a 28-year-old male who hails from Ahmedabad. Just like most balding men, his reason for undertaking hair transplant surgery is to fix is receding hairline. He works as a fashion designer and an integral part of his job is to interact with people on a personal level which is why it is important to have a very presentable personality.

One of his friends recommended him for a hair transplant procedure. He spent some time doing research in order to find the best surgeon that will fit his needs. After countless hours spent researching, he pick Dr. Soni as his hair transplant surgeon.

Dr. Soni checked Mukul’s receding hairline and diagnosed it with a Norwood IV. Dr. Soni added that it needs at least 3,500 to 4,000 grafts in order to cover the baldness. The method to be used was FUT.

Based on Mukul’s account, the operation went very well. He shared photos of his hair 11 months after the procedure and it reveal significant improvements. The transplanted hair were growing on an impressive rate. Mukul was very grateful for the service Dr. Soni has given him. He has nothing but praises for the excellent job that Dr. Soni had done.

Client #2

The second patient is a 32-year-old male from Mumbai. He has a Class 5 baldness based on the Norwood Scale. For his particular procedure, he needed an FUP and strip method.

The patient have been experiencing hair loss for quite some time. He have been using various topical solutions for three years but have not yielded any positive results. After much thought, he decided to turn the other way around and try hair transplant surgery.

He scoured various online forums in order to build his knowledge about this particular subject. His research led him to the doors of Dr. Soni. He based his decision upon hundreds of positive feedbacks given to Dr. Soni, as well as the doctor’s positive ratings on various online forums.

For his particular procedure, the patient needed 3,500 grafts in order to create a good density of hair to cover the bald area of his head. The who procedure lasted for about 12 hours and the patient commended Dr. Soni for being so delicate and light handed. The patient recounted that he did not experience any pain at all during the entire procedure.

Several months after the procedure, the patient shared photos showing the impressive result of the hair transplant. He personally thanked Dr. Soni for the great job.

Client #3

The third patient is a 32-year-old Indian male. Based on the diagnosis made by Dr. Soni, the patient is suffering from Class 2 baldness and needs a single session of hair transplant. The procedure requires 3,268 grafts using FUT and strip methods.

This particular case is an evidence of how incompetent some hair transplant centers are. The patient have had two hair transplant sessions from two different clinics before he decided to go with Dr. Soni. Both previous sessions were a disaster and the patient was outraged by how much he spent for those two operations without getting the result that he originally wanted.

In 2015, he tapped Dr. Soni for a corrective hair transplant in order to fix his baldness. Dr. Soni used 3,268 FUT micro grafts with Trichophytic closure technique. Dr. Soni also redesigned the patient’s hairline in order to give it a natural and artistic look. An even greater feat was that Dr. Soni was able to accomplish this massive job on a single session.

Dr. Soni made an incredible progress to the patient’s hair, especially when compared to the previous two sessions. The patient was not able to give his personal comment about the result but based on the photos shared by Dr. Soni, it appears that there is a significant improvement into his hairline.

Conclusion. Dr. Suneet Soni is both subtle and skillful when it comes to hair transplant surgery. The procedures that he have completed have yielded excellent results and based on the three accounts shared, it appears that the patients are particularly impressed and content with the job Dr. Soni have done for their hairline.






Dr YV Rao

Dr YV Rao is easily one of the most respected hair transplant surgeon in India. To start with, he is a general surgeon who specializes in plastic and hair transplant surgeries. His career spans more than two decades and he has performed countless plastic and hair transplant surgeries.

His reputation is built on the quality of his work as evidenced by countless awards that were bestowed to him. He is the recipient of the prestigious National Medical Excellence Award which was given to him in 2000. The award was in recognition of his invaluable work in the advancement of medicine and its related practices.

Client #1 – Proactive69

The first patient goes by the pseudonym Proactive69. He started noticing hair loss when he was just 16 years old and has been sustaining it for more than 27 years. He seek medical advice from experts and he was diagnosed with male pattern baldness which is genetic and hereditary in nature. He added that his father also had the same male pattern baldness and his mother have also complained about falling hair issues.

Proactive69 seek the medical expertise of Dr. Rao in 2013. Following his thorough checkup, Dr. Rao advised him that a hair transplant using strip method with be the best for him given that his baldness level is already on its 7th stage.

For this particular case, Dr. Rao used 2,460 grafts. Despite his thinning hair, Dr. Rao was able to extract all the necessary grafts for the subsequent planting. Proactive69 attributed this skill to the fact that Dr. Rao is a plastic surgeon.

Despite facing some serious hurdles, Dr. Rao was able to push through and complete the procedure with impressive results. Months after the procedure, Proactive69 shared some photos of the transplanted hair and it looks great. He is looking forward to a more positive future now that his baldness has been taken care of.

Client #2 – SmartHT

The second patient goes by the pseudonym SmartHT and he have seek Dr. Rao’s service in order to remedy his hair loss problems. SmartHT is the kind of guy who spends a lot of time in order to research about a particular topic in order to make sure that he will make the best decision out of it. With regards to his hair transplant procedure, he has considered quite a handful of promising surgeons. However, after weighing in several factors, he decided to pick Dr. Rao.

SmartHT’s overall hair transplant experience well surprisingly well, according to his account. He praised Dr. Rao for his delicate hands. He recounted that he did not feel even a small hint of pain all throughout the procedure.

Dr. Rao was accompanied by another doctor during the operation. Overall, SmartHT commended Dr. Rao and everyone in his staff for being very courteous and polite. He added that the whole operation felt like as if it was done by his family members.

A couple of photos shared by SmartHT revealed that his hair transplant operation went well and that the transplanted hair are growing fine. He extends his gratitude to Dr. Rao for doing an excellent job to fix his hair loss problem.

Client #3

This third case was shared by Dr. Rao himself. He described the patient as a 22-year-old male with a severe case of baldness. Based on his diagnosis, the patient has a Class 7 baldness level. Further investigation revealed that the trait was hereditary and that it occurred early in the patient’s life.

Due to the severity of the case, Dr. Rao have to split the massive operation into sessions. The massive hair transplant operation involves extracting 5,738 grafts through stripping. This was done in order to cover the entire bald area of the patient’s head. The main focus behind the operation was to cover the entire patient’s head with reasonable density.

The total grafts amounted to 5,738. To have an exact figure, it was broken down to 924 singles, 2,648 doubles, and 2,166 triples. Based on the photos shared by Dr. Rao, the operation went as planned and several weeks following it the planted hair were growing decently well.

Dr. Rao was not able to share the patient’s reaction, but based on some comments on the photo, people were commending the doctor for a job well done. According to Dr. Rao, the successful procedure greatly improved the patient’s social image as well as his perspective and outlook.

Conclusion: Based on the three cases provided, Dr. Rao is an excellent hair transplant surgeon. Helped by the fact that he is a general surgeon, he has made a great career by establishing himself as one of the premier and prominent hair transplant surgeon in the country. This stands as a testament to his commitment to quality and great work.





Dr. Radha Rani Palakurthi

Dr. Radha Rani Palakurthi has a storied career in hair loss transplant procedures. She is well-skilled in hair loss transplant for both men and women. She is also adept in almost any types of hair, may that be Asian, African American, Caucasian, or Indian.

As part of her commitment to her clients, Dr. Radha always makes sure that she only deals with a single patient per day. This gives her enough time to properly finish the procedure in the most comfortable way for the patient. The extra time also gives her time to discuss post-op briefings and lay out expectations for the patient.

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Client #1 – cardel25

After much thought and deliberation, cardel25 decided to go with Dr. Radha to take care of his hair transplant procedure. He was able to arrive at this decision after a lot of consideration and research done on the matter. He regarded Dr. Radha as sweet, caring, intelligent and has the trappings of an excellent surgeon. He also commended Dr. Radha for her personal approach to every patient in which she personally replies to every email instead of having one of her assistants do it.

Cardel25 shared that he received a total of 2,694 grafts. To break it down, he received 628 singles, 1,980 doubles, and 96 triples. In total, he received 4,856 hairs. For this particular procedure, Dr. Radha charged Rs.50 per graft which is roughly USD1.1 when converted at that time.

The whole procedure went well with barely any pain according to cardel25. He barely noticed any swelling after the operation and he also did not experience any itchiness for that matter.

Overall, cardel25 is impressed with the results of the hair loss transplant done by Dr. Radha. Everything was done way beyond his expectation and he promised that he will recommend Dr. Radha to his peers and colleagues. The transplanted hair also looks impressive as they continue to grow.

Client #2 – lionman

The second client uses the pseudonym lionman and he is the kind of person who takes intensive research seriously in order to get the best out of everything. After spending months of researching, he settled with Dr. Radha to perform his hair and eyebrow transplant. The procedure was done in January 2012.

For the hair transplant, Dr. Radha used 2,280 grafts using the FUT method. The eyebrow transplant used 320 grafts to be completed. Lionman has a lot of praises for Dr. Radha. He praised the doctor’s approach towards her clients. He added that Dr. Radha and her staff were very hospitable and polite.

The hair transplant procedure took nine hours to be completed. While this is a relatively long time for such procedure, he said that it was due to Dr. Radha’s perfectionism and keen adherence to quality. The whole operation was not painful nor boring as Dr. Radha’s assistants kept him engaged in small talks. As for the price, it cost Rs.50 per graft or roughly USD1 when converted.

Dr. Radha definitely exceeded any of lionman’s expectation. From the hospitality she gave him to the actual procedure itself. Everything was done with precision, care, and passion. It was definitely an excellent experience, and he has nothing but respect and admiration for Dr. Radha.

Client #3 – dactum

The third patient uses the pseudonym dactum. Just like the previous two patients, he spent an enormous amount of time doing research regarding certain hair transplant methods and doctors who are experts in this particular area.

After countless hours of research, dactum decided to pick Dr. Radha as his hair loss transplant surgeon. Based on his account, he did not regret picking Dr. Radha because she provided him with the most professional and courteous medical service. He recounted that Dr. Radha was around him for almost the whole duration of the operation walking him through the progress.

He also appreciated the fact that Dr. Radha only entertains one patient per day. Through this arrangement, she can focus on the job at hand rather than overthinking what to do next. By having this kind of arrangement, Dr. Radha is able to exceed all of her patients’ expectations.

According to dactum, the surgery went impressively well. He shared a handful of photos to show the result of the procedure and it looks impressive. Dactum was impressed by not only the result of the procedure but with Dr. Radha’s professionalism. Several months after the operation, dactum shared that the transplanted hair are growing well and as expected.

Conclusion: Based on the accounts of the three patients, Dr. Radha is very professional. She would trade the number of patients covered per day with the quality of her work. For her, it is important to give patients only the best service rather that accommodate as many patients per day as possible. This level of quality, commitment, and professionalism is impressive.