Dr YV Rao

Dr YV Rao is easily one of the most respected hair transplant surgeon in India. To start with, he is a general surgeon who specializes in plastic and hair transplant surgeries. His career spans more than two decades and he has performed countless plastic and hair transplant surgeries.

His reputation is built on the quality of his work as evidenced by countless awards that were bestowed to him. He is the recipient of the prestigious National Medical Excellence Award which was given to him in 2000. The award was in recognition of his invaluable work in the advancement of medicine and its related practices.

Client #1 – Proactive69

The first patient goes by the pseudonym Proactive69. He started noticing hair loss when he was just 16 years old and has been sustaining it for more than 27 years. He seek medical advice from experts and he was diagnosed with male pattern baldness which is genetic and hereditary in nature. He added that his father also had the same male pattern baldness and his mother have also complained about falling hair issues.

Proactive69 seek the medical expertise of Dr. Rao in 2013. Following his thorough checkup, Dr. Rao advised him that a hair transplant using strip method with be the best for him given that his baldness level is already on its 7th stage.

For this particular case, Dr. Rao used 2,460 grafts. Despite his thinning hair, Dr. Rao was able to extract all the necessary grafts for the subsequent planting. Proactive69 attributed this skill to the fact that Dr. Rao is a plastic surgeon.

Despite facing some serious hurdles, Dr. Rao was able to push through and complete the procedure with impressive results. Months after the procedure, Proactive69 shared some photos of the transplanted hair and it looks great. He is looking forward to a more positive future now that his baldness has been taken care of.

Client #2 – SmartHT

The second patient goes by the pseudonym SmartHT and he have seek Dr. Rao’s service in order to remedy his hair loss problems. SmartHT is the kind of guy who spends a lot of time in order to research about a particular topic in order to make sure that he will make the best decision out of it. With regards to his hair transplant procedure, he has considered quite a handful of promising surgeons. However, after weighing in several factors, he decided to pick Dr. Rao.

SmartHT’s overall hair transplant experience well surprisingly well, according to his account. He praised Dr. Rao for his delicate hands. He recounted that he did not feel even a small hint of pain all throughout the procedure.

Dr. Rao was accompanied by another doctor during the operation. Overall, SmartHT commended Dr. Rao and everyone in his staff for being very courteous and polite. He added that the whole operation felt like as if it was done by his family members.

A couple of photos shared by SmartHT revealed that his hair transplant operation went well and that the transplanted hair are growing fine. He extends his gratitude to Dr. Rao for doing an excellent job to fix his hair loss problem.

Client #3

This third case was shared by Dr. Rao himself. He described the patient as a 22-year-old male with a severe case of baldness. Based on his diagnosis, the patient has a Class 7 baldness level. Further investigation revealed that the trait was hereditary and that it occurred early in the patient’s life.

Due to the severity of the case, Dr. Rao have to split the massive operation into sessions. The massive hair transplant operation involves extracting 5,738 grafts through stripping. This was done in order to cover the entire bald area of the patient’s head. The main focus behind the operation was to cover the entire patient’s head with reasonable density.

The total grafts amounted to 5,738. To have an exact figure, it was broken down to 924 singles, 2,648 doubles, and 2,166 triples. Based on the photos shared by Dr. Rao, the operation went as planned and several weeks following it the planted hair were growing decently well.

Dr. Rao was not able to share the patient’s reaction, but based on some comments on the photo, people were commending the doctor for a job well done. According to Dr. Rao, the successful procedure greatly improved the patient’s social image as well as his perspective and outlook.

Conclusion: Based on the three cases provided, Dr. Rao is an excellent hair transplant surgeon. Helped by the fact that he is a general surgeon, he has made a great career by establishing himself as one of the premier and prominent hair transplant surgeon in the country. This stands as a testament to his commitment to quality and great work.





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