Dr. Tenjinder Bhatti

Hair loss client will always look for best hair transplant in USA. But don’t forget that USA is not the only option. There are several worldl class hair loss surgeons in India who can yield results like American doctors. Dr. Tenjinder Bhatti is one of them.

Dr. Tenjinder Bhatti, despite being based in India, is easily one of the most sought after hair transplant surgeon in the world. Dr. Bhatti has performed thousands of successful hair transplant surgeries over the span of several years and has been commended for his talent of bringing only the best to his clients.

The following article discusses three of Dr. Bhatti’s hair transplant procedures in 2013, 2014, and 2016. All three procedures were done using the FUE method, the only difference is the graft size. Nevertheless, all three procedures have yielded optimistic and compelling results. All three clients were deeply satisfied and happy with the work of Dr. Bhatti.

Client #1 – Questionmark

The first client uses the pseudonym Questionmark. He had his hair transplant with Dr. Bhatti in 2013. He is a 27-year-old male from Munich, Germany who started noticing his receding hairline when he was in his early 20s. Based on his account, he deduced that his hair loss problem stems from too much stress due to various factors from school and family. He have problems sleeping at night and also with his diet.

After several hours spent researching about various hair transplant methods, their costs and efficacy, he decided to fly to India to meet with Dr. Bhatti. He is convinced that Dr. Bhatti is just the hair transplant surgeon he needs. Moreover, as a student, financial constraints have limited his choice.

The hair transplant procedure required 2,364 grafts. He commended not only Dr. Bhatti for his expertise on the matter, but also the doctor’s assistants who, in his own words, are highly professional, skilled and experienced. After the whole procedure, Dr. Bhatti discussed with him what to expect after a few weeks of the operation. Dr. Bhatti also briefed him with how to care with the delicate situation of his scalp.

Overall, spent less than €3,500. This includes the fee for the procedure, ticket cost, accommodation, food, and transportation cost.

Based on his experience, he was completely amazed by the whole trip as well as Dr. Bhatti’s service. He was impressed by the hospitality Dr. Bhatti extended to him. As for his hair transplant, he is completely satisfied with the result.

Client #2 – jetset

The second client goes by the pseudonym jetset and had his hair transplant procedure done by Dr. Bhatti in 2014. He had a Type V receding hairline with a big bald crown area. He spent months of research in order to make sure that he have made the perfect choice for his hair transplant procedure.

One of the reasons why he picked Dr. Bhatti is because of the latter’s hands-on and personal approach. Dr. Bhatti answered all of his inquiries personally and gave multiple advices relating to his choice. Moreover, Dr. Bhatti gave him the assurance that if he is not satisfied with the result, he will be fully compensated for the price.

His hair transplant procedure required 4,106 grafts using the FUE method. To be specific, the complete breakdown includes 1,392 singles, 1,519 doubles, and 1,106 triples.

He praised Dr. Bhatti’s very professional and skilled handling of the whole procedure. The whole procedure nearly took 12 hours to be completed. The entire procedure was painless and he described it as the same to getting a haircut.

Overall, he was completely satisfied with how Dr. Bhatti handled the whole operation. He also commended Dr. Bhatti’s professional assistants and staffs. He described the whole experience as amazing and have nothing but praises for Dr. Bhatti’s skills.

Client #3 – vermaj

This particular case transpired in December 2016. The client is a 25-year-old male who have been dealing with hair loss for more than 5 years. Peer pressure and degrading self-confidence forced him to seek for professional help.

Based on his account, his hair loss problem is genetic or hereditary. His father have a receding hairline, as well as his uncle on the maternal side. He recounted that he also have a rather big forehead which aggravates the visual effect of his receding hairline.

After months of spent on researching about hair transplant, he decided to pick Dr. Bhatti as his hair transplant surgeon. Based on his research, he has reasons to believe that Dr. Bhatti is the best hair surgeon in India.

The entire procedure requires 2,135 grafts broken down to an estimated around 400 singles, 1,100 doubles, and 700 triples.

As with the two previous clients’ experiences, he was also amazed with the hospitality and professionalism of Dr. Bhatti and his staff. Everything was done in a very courteous and professional manner.

Several weeks after the procedure, he was very impressed by the result. Moreover, he also appreciated Dr. Bhatti’s effort to reach out and check for updates about the result of the transplant.

Conclusion: Based on the accounts and experiences of the three clients, it would appear that Dr. Bhatti is a an exceptional hair transplant surgeon who transcends beyond the medical scope of his job and deal with his clients on a very personal level. All three clients were very satisfied not only of the results of their hair transplant but also of the whole experience despite flying halfway around the globe to have their hair transplant done.





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