Dr. Radha Rani Palakurthi

Dr. Radha Rani Palakurthi has a storied career in hair loss transplant procedures. She is well-skilled in hair loss transplant for both men and women. She is also adept in almost any types of hair, may that be Asian, African American, Caucasian, or Indian.

As part of her commitment to her clients, Dr. Radha always makes sure that she only deals with a single patient per day. This gives her enough time to properly finish the procedure in the most comfortable way for the patient. The extra time also gives her time to discuss post-op briefings and lay out expectations for the patient.

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Client #1 – cardel25

After much thought and deliberation, cardel25 decided to go with Dr. Radha to take care of his hair transplant procedure. He was able to arrive at this decision after a lot of consideration and research done on the matter. He regarded Dr. Radha as sweet, caring, intelligent and has the trappings of an excellent surgeon. He also commended Dr. Radha for her personal approach to every patient in which she personally replies to every email instead of having one of her assistants do it.

Cardel25 shared that he received a total of 2,694 grafts. To break it down, he received 628 singles, 1,980 doubles, and 96 triples. In total, he received 4,856 hairs. For this particular procedure, Dr. Radha charged Rs.50 per graft which is roughly USD1.1 when converted at that time.

The whole procedure went well with barely any pain according to cardel25. He barely noticed any swelling after the operation and he also did not experience any itchiness for that matter.

Overall, cardel25 is impressed with the results of the hair loss transplant done by Dr. Radha. Everything was done way beyond his expectation and he promised that he will recommend Dr. Radha to his peers and colleagues. The transplanted hair also looks impressive as they continue to grow.

Client #2 – lionman

The second client uses the pseudonym lionman and he is the kind of person who takes intensive research seriously in order to get the best out of everything. After spending months of researching, he settled with Dr. Radha to perform his hair and eyebrow transplant. The procedure was done in January 2012.

For the hair transplant, Dr. Radha used 2,280 grafts using the FUT method. The eyebrow transplant used 320 grafts to be completed. Lionman has a lot of praises for Dr. Radha. He praised the doctor’s approach towards her clients. He added that Dr. Radha and her staff were very hospitable and polite.

The hair transplant procedure took nine hours to be completed. While this is a relatively long time for such procedure, he said that it was due to Dr. Radha’s perfectionism and keen adherence to quality. The whole operation was not painful nor boring as Dr. Radha’s assistants kept him engaged in small talks. As for the price, it cost Rs.50 per graft or roughly USD1 when converted.

Dr. Radha definitely exceeded any of lionman’s expectation. From the hospitality she gave him to the actual procedure itself. Everything was done with precision, care, and passion. It was definitely an excellent experience, and he has nothing but respect and admiration for Dr. Radha.

Client #3 – dactum

The third patient uses the pseudonym dactum. Just like the previous two patients, he spent an enormous amount of time doing research regarding certain hair transplant methods and doctors who are experts in this particular area.

After countless hours of research, dactum decided to pick Dr. Radha as his hair loss transplant surgeon. Based on his account, he did not regret picking Dr. Radha because she provided him with the most professional and courteous medical service. He recounted that Dr. Radha was around him for almost the whole duration of the operation walking him through the progress.

He also appreciated the fact that Dr. Radha only entertains one patient per day. Through this arrangement, she can focus on the job at hand rather than overthinking what to do next. By having this kind of arrangement, Dr. Radha is able to exceed all of her patients’ expectations.

According to dactum, the surgery went impressively well. He shared a handful of photos to show the result of the procedure and it looks impressive. Dactum was impressed by not only the result of the procedure but with Dr. Radha’s professionalism. Several months after the operation, dactum shared that the transplanted hair are growing well and as expected.

Conclusion: Based on the accounts of the three patients, Dr. Radha is very professional. She would trade the number of patients covered per day with the quality of her work. For her, it is important to give patients only the best service rather that accommodate as many patients per day as possible. This level of quality, commitment, and professionalism is impressive.





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