Dr. Manoj Khanna

Dr. Manoj Khanna is a leading figure when it comes to cosmetic and hair transplant surgeries in India. He is the chairman of Enhance Aesthetic and Cosmetic Studio which is well known for cosmetic and plastic surgeries. Although Dr. Khanna is widely recognized as an expert in cosmetic science, he has also made a name for himself in the hair transplant industry.

Dr. Khanna’s reputation in the hair transplant industry can be described as a black and white perspective. Some claims that he does an excellent job in transplanting hair, while there are some who claims to have been his former client and said that his procedures are not at all effective.

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Client #1 – vaibhavgupta7j

The first patient has had a great experience with Dr. Khanna. He claims that Dr. Khanna has the most completed hair transplant surgeries in all of India. He added that Dr. Khanna is also highly qualified and an experience surgeon.

One of the most compelling factor that the patient pointed out about Dr. Khanna is how delicate he is in dealing with his patients. The patient claims that Dr. Khanna always make sure that patients are comfortable during the whole procedure. The same goes for his staff.

Dr. Khanna did well as the patient recalls. He recounts that he did not feel any pain at all, or if there is any hint of pain it is completely negligible. Dr. Khanna also engaged the patient in small talks, keeping him updated with what is going on with the operation. By applying this strategy, the patient feels comfortable and assured since his mind is not occupied by the whole procedure.

The patient’s procedure requires 4,500 grafts. According to his account, the operation was done quite well and he was very much satisfied with the results. The patient did not share any photo to back up his claim. However, based on his account about the procedure and the results, it sounds that he is very much satisfied with it all.

Client #2

The second patient has a male baldness pattern that runs through his family. He said that father and two older brothers have all lost their hair at a fairly young age. He started noticing his hair loss at when he was around 50 years old. Over the years, he also noticed that his hair is getting thinner.

The hair loss problem did not bother the patient at all. However, everything changed when he was looking for a job. He suddenly felt pressure on how he looks and that he feels that having a thin hair may have affected his chances of landing a job.

Like any sane men would do at this point of time, he went online and researched about the possible causes of hair loss as well as cures. At first, he was both critical and skeptical about the strip method, but after a brief consultation with Dr. Khanna, he eventually changed his mind.

The patient did not share any detailed account of his experience with Dr. Khanna. However, he did point out that Dr. Khanna did an excellent job. The operation was completely painless and he was able to notice significant changes several weeks after the procedure was done.

According to the patient, he will definitely recommend Dr. Khanna to his friends.

Client #3 – Ephraim

Compared to the previous two patients, this last one is not exactly a story of success. The patient claims that he had his hair transplant done by Dr. Khanna way back in 2011.

To be fair, the patient had some nice words to say to Dr. Khanna. First, he commended Dr. Khanna for quickly responding to his emails and inquiries. He also praised Dr. Khanna’s hospitality and friendly nature. He also appreciated the fact that Dr. Khanna provides upfront quotes for free.

On the other hand, the patient claims that Dr. Khanna did a subpar job in terms of hair transplant surgery. For one, he claims that Dr. Khanna grafted the hair follicles in a thin and regular pattern which in turn made the resulting transplant fake and artificial. The patient also doubted the number of hair implanted.

And then there is the price. The patient claims that Dr. Khanna’s price range is way higher compared to his contemporaries. According to the patient, Dr. Khanna charged him Rs. 80 per graft which is way more expensive compared to the standard going rate.

The patient is not entirely happy of the result as well. He said that he felt humiliated by how thin his resulting hair was.

Conclusion: It is unfair to judge Dr. Khanna’s aptitude based on these three accounts only. Nevertheless, it has opened up an interesting argument regarding the competency of hair transplant surgeons. With the growing demand for this industry not only in India but also in different parts of the world, some practitioners will resort to doing substandard jobs in exchange of more clients and more money.





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