Dr. Kavish Chouhan

Dr. Kavish Chouhan is one of the most revered cosmetics and hair transplant experts in India. As director of Dermaclinix, he has provided cosmetic solutions to some of the most prominent figures in the country including A-list celebrities and sport stars.

Dr. Chouhan earned his MD in Dermatology from the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences. As for his experience in terms of hair transplant surgery, he has done more than a thousand of such procedures. He has built his reputation as one of the best hair transplant surgeons when it comes to mega and giga sessions.

Client #1 – Jason Lee White

The first patient is from Australia, and he has flown half-way round the world in order to find a fix for his hair loss problem. Based on the photos shared by Mr. White, he has a balding problem that causes quite an embarrassment.

For many who have severe hair loss problems, money is one of the biggest factors that deter them from making the decision of having a hair transplant surgery. This is also one of the reasons why many people throughout the world are flocking India in order to get a world-class hair surgery treatment for just a fraction of the price.

Through intensive research, Mr. White picked Dr. Chouhan as his hair transplant surgeon. He recounted that the whole experience, including the price of the surgery, hotel, food, and transportation, all account to only a third of what he would have paid if he had his surgery done in Australia.

Dr. Chouhan did an FUE hair transplant in order to fix the baldness problem of Mr. White. To Mr. White’s surprise, the entire procedure was entirely painless.

Based on the photos shared by Mr. White, it would appear that the transplant procedure went exceptionally well. Mr. White praised Dr. Chouhan for the excellent hair transplant service, and also for the affordable price tag.

Client #2 – Vishal Paswan

The second patient is Mr. Vishal Paswan, a 29-year-old businessman from India. His work requires him to deal with clients on a personal level, which is why being presentable is always a priority for him.

Everything went crumbling down when he noticed a lot of hair loss. At first he dismissed it as a natural phenomenon. However, as time goes by, he started being embarrassed by it. What is even more embarrassing is when his colleagues started noticing his receding hairline. It made a significant impact into his self-esteem and confidence.

Fueled by his desire to improve his personality, Mr. Paswan made extensive research in hair transplant surgery. His research led him to the doors of Dr. Chouhan.

Mr. Paswan did not share procedural details about his experience with Dr. Chouhan. Nevertheless, it would appear that he was very much satisfied with the medical service Dr. Chouhan extended to him.

Based on his account, Mr. Paswan was very impressed with the transplant procedure done by Dr. Chouhan. Six months after the operation, Mr. Paswan shared that his transplanted hair are growing quite well.

Client #3

The third patient had his hair transplant procedure done in September 2016. Prior to his decision to pursue hair transplant, he spent significant amount of time researching in order to find the best hair transplant surgeon. His research eventually led him to the doors of Dr. Chouhan.

Based on the patient’s account, Dr. Chouhan was very delicate and friendly. The patient did not notice any noticeable pain during the whole operation. This simply shows how committed Dr. Chouhan is to the comfort and well-being of his patients.

What really embeds to the patient’s experience is how much committed Dr. Chouhan is to his clients. Dr. Chouhan have team composed of professionals in order to help him in his medical procedure.

In conclusion, the patient is very much satisfied with the service of Dr. Chouhan. He praised Dr. Chouhan for his passion and commitment to his clients. Moreover, the patient also extends his praise to the staff of DermaClinix which played a vital role both before and after the hair transplant operation.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Dr. Chouhan performs exceptionally well. Given the fact that his dermatology and hair transplant clinic is one of the most revered in the country, just adds to his reputation as an expert surgeon. Dr. Chouhan has spent decades to build his reputation as one of the best in the industry, and based on the testament of these three patients, it would appear that he had achieve that feat.





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