Dr. Kapil Dua

Dr. Kapil Dua is a highly-regarded hair transplant surgeon based in India. Despite this, his reputation has spread all over the world. Which is why he is one of the most sought after hair surgeons in the country. Dr. Dua is visited by patients from adjacent Asian countries, as well as patients coming from as far as Europe. This is a testament to the Dr. Dua’s excellence when it comes to providing only the best hair transplant solutions.

Dr. Dua is has established himself as a pioneer of the FUE method. In fact, he is one of the first to establish a transplant center that provides “FUE only” treatment.

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Client #1

The first client is a 50-year-old male. Based on the Norwood Scale, he has a Type VII condition which means that it is severe. Based on the photos shared by the patient, he has little hair left on both the front and top of his head.

The patient was forced to use a wig for the past couple of years in order to hide his baldness. It was only in 2014 when he decided to seek out professional help and employ the service of a hair transplant surgeon, which in this case is Dr. Kapil Dua.

Dr. Dua recounted that the patient wanted a transplant that will cover his whole head. He added that the patient wanted to have it done in just a single session. Dr. Dua explained that with his condition, it will take multiple sessions which the patient agreed as well.

The whole procedure took three sessions using the Bio-FUE technique. A total of 5,240 grafts were used. Dr. Dua also gave the patient a Bio-therapy once the procedure is done. Based on the photos shared by Dr. Dua, the procedure went well and the patient is satisfied with the results several months after it was done.

Client #2

In general, baldness typically affects men. The second case is a little rare since the patient is a 68-year-old female. Based on Dr. Dua’s account, the patient started noticing hair loss about a decade ago. It started on the frontal area of the head and gradually recedes backwards.

Dr. Dua initially advised the patient to use Minoxidil with biotin on a daily basis. Further medications like Vitamin D serum and iron profiles were done. After almost a year of treatment, the patient noticed the significant to almost complete drop in hair loss. However, she also noticed no regrowth at all. The patient was not able to have a follow-up for about three years when went back to Dr. Dua’s clinic ready for a hair transplant.

Dr. Dua advised the use of FUE technique, something that he patient gladly approved. Based on the patient’s condition, Dr. Dua took 1,410 grafts using the FUE technique.  Several months after the procedure was done, it would appear that it had yielded great results.

Dr. Dua’s operation was praised for its relatively low use of graft counts despite the patient’s rather severe baldness condition. Nevertheless, the result appears to be satisfactory to the patient.

Client #3 – varun96

The third patient uses the pseudonym varun96. He said that he have been dealing with hair loss problems for more than a decade. He also stated that he had used several medical treatment in order to cure or at least mitigate his hair loss problem but to no positive result.

After trying several options, he decided to consider hair transplant surgery. He was a little skeptical at first about the efficacy of hair transplant surgery. However, after consulting with Dr. Dua, he had a change of heart and decided to go with it.

Based on his account, Dr. Dua implanted 3,000 grafts in order to cover the bald area of his head. Dr. Dua used the Bio FUE technique. He recounted that Dr. Dua’s regular charge stands at Rs.90 per graft but he was given a special discount which slashed the cost to around Rs.84 per graft.

Close to a year after the surgery, the patient appears to be very satisfied with the result. He has shared photos showing the condition of his hair nine months after the surgery and appears to be in great shape.

Conclusion: Dr. Dua has made his name as one of the most trusted and capable hair loss expert in India. His rate is relatively lower compared to the standard rate like that of Canada and USA. Moreover, he always makes sure that every procedure is done with precision and care in order to achieve the optimum result. His patients have nothing but high praises for his skill and talent.

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