Dr. Gaurav Garg

Dr. Gaurav Garg is the recent cosmetic and hair transplant surgeon of Dermalife, of the leading cosmetic clinics in India. Garg, along with Dermalife, have serve thousands of clients giving them the best cosmetic solutions in the country. The clinic counts some of the most prominent figures in Indian society, as well as A-list celebrities, and sports stars.

Dr. Garg is a certified hair surgeon with several training from various institutions around the globe. He started his career as a dermatologist and later on studied for specialization in hair transplant surgery. Dr. Garg is well-known for his “scar-less face lift” method which has been a popular choice for celebrities.

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Client #1

The first client is also a doctor in profession, albeit pursuing a different specialization. The patient have been experiencing hair loss at such a young age that it has turn into a major disappointment for him. Through his connections in the medical community, the patient was able to get in touch with Dr. Garg who diagnosed him with having Male Pattern Androgenic Alopecia which has now reached Grade 8 on the Norwood scale.

The procedure requires 7,000 grafts which will be extracted on two separate sessions plotted within two consecutive days. The patient was told that the grafts will be taken from the back of his head, his chest, and his beard.

Despite the massive scope of the procedure, the patient claims that he did not experience any pain at all. In fact, he even recounted the procedure as very comfortable and enjoyable. During the operation, the patient is even allowed to take phone calls.

The patient was not able to share a photo showing the results of the transplant. However, based on his account, the whole procedure went well and he is grateful for the expert service rendered by Dr. Garg. He added that he is very happy about the result and that it has boosted his confidence.

Client #2

The second client is a showroom owner. As such, his daily work requires him to deal with clients on a personal level. Having a bald patch is the last thing you want to have if your level of interaction is very personal. The client’s bald patch have made him feel embarrassed in front of his clientele, especially considering the fact that he is still young to have such massive hair loss.

One of the patient’s clients advised him to seek the medical of Dr. Garg. On the day of the consultation, Dr. Garg made an assessment on the patient’s hair condition. Dr. Garg assessed that the patient will need 6,000 grafts transplanted into his recipient area in order to fully cover the bald patch and then give it a nice density to make it look natural.

The grafts were taken from the patient’s back scalp and chest. The patient was not able to share any photo showing the status of his hair before and after the hair transplant surgery. However, his account and comment about the result is enough to consider that the procedure was a great success.

The patient commended Dr. Garg for doing a great job restoring his normal looking hair. Even the patient’s outlook in life have changed due the overwhelming effect of the transformation.

Client #3

The third patient works as a builder. As a builder, he believe that he has to exude a certain level of youthfulness to his clients. Unfortunately, an early offset of receding hairline have caused a lot of embarrassment for him. The patient said that some of his potential clients even doubted his skill due to the fact that he has a balding head.

In order to preserve his confidence, he finally took his time to research about the possibility of having a hair transplant. He spent weeks researching about the industry and looking for the best hair transplant surgeon. After countless hours of researching, he finally settled with Dr. Garg, a well-known cosmetic surgeon who has also made his name in the hair transplant industry.

After the initial consultation, Dr. Garg made an assessment that the client needed 6,000 grafts in order to cover the frontal to mid area of his head. This massive amount of grafts is also needed in order to give his hair transplant a natural look and good density.

The whole feat took two sessions to be accomplished. Nevertheless, the patient was very happy with the result. He said that Dr. Garg has helped him restore his confidence and pulled him out of the embarrassment caused by his bald head.

Conclusion: Based on the three patient accounts, Dr. Garg is an adept hair transplant surgeon that can deliver even when faced with massive graft procedures. All three clients were deeply satisfied with the results of their hair transplants and they are grateful for the service Dr. Garg have given them.





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