10 Best Hair Transplant Doctors & Clinics in Turkey

Turkey is turning to be one of the world’s top destination when it comes to cosmetic and hair transplant procedures. Recent reports claim that the country’s capital of Istanbul is home to nearly 350 clinics. Government figures also revealed that close to 5,000 people visit the country every month to get hair transplant procedures and other treatments related to hair care.

The hair transplant industry in Turkey is already valued at $1 billion, and that figure was estimated two years ago. With growing demands for affordable yet high-quality hair transplant procedures, market experts are expecting the market to continually grow over the years.

Even though most top hair transplant surgeons are in USA, Turkey is a prime destination for hair transplant procedure. Firstly because of the abundance of experts who are trained to handle almost any type of hair transplant procedure. Hair transplant experts in Turkey are considered to just as well-versed in the science as their European counterparts.

Another reason is affordability. Hair transplant procedures in Turkey cost only a fraction compared to the same procedures done in the US or Europe.

The country’s close proximity to Europe and the United States is also one of the top reasons why people choose to have their hair transplant procedure in Turkey.

While there are more affordable options in countries like India and Thailand, majority of clients want a clinic closer to home in order to save money from travel expenses. Moreover, Turkey is also home to countless cultural tourist destinations. Some clients can have their procedure done in a day, and then spend the rest of the week visiting popular tourist spots in Turkey.

The following doctors are considered as the top hair transplant experts in Turkey.

Koray Erdogan

Dr. Koray Erdogan is widely considered as one of the pioneering experts of hair transplant and other cosmetic procedures in Turkey. Dr. Erdogan heads the Asmed Clinic, a respected institution in the Turkish medical circle.

Dr. Erdogan is well-versed in both Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation procedures. As a pioneer of the industry, he is also one of the first to use state-of-the-art equipment in aid of each hair transplant procedure.

Dr. Erdogan stated his hair transplant surgeon career in 2001 when he founded his own clinic. Around that time, he also started to join notable hair transplant organizations in order to boost his knowledge about the industry. He later joined conferences and seminars in the United States and Europe.

He is an active member of the European Society of Restoration Surgery, the Italian Society of Hair Restoration, and the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

Dr. Erdogan is widely known as the pioneer of an FUE technique which he called “Sequential Technique.” This technique is praised both by his peers in the medical community and happy clients who were able to witness the miracle of this groundbreaking idea.

Dr. Erdogan’s Asmed Hair Restoration Medical Clinic is located at Küçükbakkalköy Mh, Atilla Ilhan Cd, 34750, Istanbul, Turkey.

Zekeriya Kul

Dr. Zekeriya Kul has a storied career in Turkey as an expert in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. Widely praised for his high quality hair transplant procedures, he has completed thousands of successful hair transplant operations.

Dr. Kul is widely known for his use of the FUE technique which is combined with Needle Implantation Technique. The unique blend of these two techniques help produce a successful hair transplant that results in a more natural hair look with dense implantation and a faster recovery time with minimal trauma to the patient’s head.

Dr. Kul started his hair transplant career in Brazil. He returned home to Turkey in 2004 and started his own clinic using the conventional FUE method. Over the span of the next few years, he was able to develop a new technique which was eventually called Needle Implantation Technique or NIT.

The result is a fast and effective technique. As such, Dr. Kul can perform an operation involving 1500 to 2000 grafts in just as little as four to five hours. Another advantage of using Dr. Kul’s technique is that there are no visible wide scars after the operation.

Dr. Kul’s clinic is located at Teşvikiye Mh. Hakkı Yeten Cd., No: 23 K:5 D:15, Vital Fulya, 34365, Istanbul, Turkey.

Resul Yaman

Dr. Resul Yaman is a highly respected hair transplant expert based in Istanbul, Turkey. His career spans more than six years and he has completed thousands of successful hair transplant procedures with positive results. Aside from the conventional hair transplant procedure, Dr. Yaman is also an expert in eyebrow transplantation, beard transplantation and scar repair.

Based on client accounts from different forums, what separates Dr. Yaman from most hair transplant experts based in Turkey, or any country for that matter, is that he offers free consultation. That is a big relief, especially for clients who are rather tight with their budget.

As an expert in the field, Dr. Yaman uses advanced micromotor FUE technique. This state-of-the-art technique is minimally invasive and results in an impressive dense growth of hair. This particular technique is also fast compared to more conventional techniques.

Dr. Yaman is also praised for being hands-on and personal to his clients. He makes sure that every clients are properly oriented both before and after the transplant procedure. In order to make sure that he maximizes his attention to his clients, he only cater to one or two patients per day.

Dr. Yaman’s clinic is located at Hürriyet Mah. Atatürk Cad. No:45 Güneşli, Istanbul, Turkey.

Serkan Aygin

With a combined experience of 22 years and more than 10,000 satisfied patients, Dr. Serkan Aygin is easily one of the most successful hair transplant experts based in Turkey. Add on top of that the fact that his clinic has success rate of 98 percent, are just some of the reasons why Dr. Aygin is one of the most sought after hair transplant expert in Turkey.

Dr. Aygin started as a dermatologist for the Dermatology and Hair Diseases Polyclinic of Vakif Gureba Hospital. Due to his success and growing popularity, Dr. Aygin decided to establish his own clinic, the Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic based in Istanbul.

Dr. Aygin specializes in Micro FUE hair transplantation technique. This particular technique is praised for having no resulting scar and it does not use stitching. This technique also gives natural results. The technique used by Dr. Aygin is considered minimally invasive. As such, patients can return to their daily routine in as little as 2 to 3 days after the operation. Dr. Aygin is also an expert when it comes to beard to scalp, body hair, and eyebrow transplantation.

Although Dr. Aygin performs hair transplant operations in other parts of the world, he still considers Turkey as the main base of his operation. He is regularly invited to speak at various conferences and share his knowledge regarding technique in hair transplant operations.

Dr. Aygin’s clinic is located at Merkez Mahallesi, İstiklal Sokağı No:11, 34381, Istanbul, Turkey.

Tayfun Oguzoglu

Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu is considered as one of the pioneers of hair transplant procedure in Turkey. He started his own clinic when the industry is still in its infancy during the mid-90s. A year after his clinic was established, he was given the honor of being a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Dr. Oguzoglu, along with two of his colleagues, are the experts behind the very successful Dr. T Hair Transplant clinic. Highly regarded for providing hair transplant operation to some of Turkey’s most prominent figures, Dr. T Hair Transplant clinic have also built its reputation as an affordable and excellent clinic.

Dr. Oguzoglu specializes in the use of Follicular Unit Extraction method. Depending on the state of the patient’s baldness, he uses either manual FUE or Motorized FUE.

Anchored by Dr. Oguzoglu’s expertise, the clinic have attracted clients from nearby Asian countries to as far as Europe and the United States. Dr. Oguzoglu have more than 20 years of experience in the hair transplant business, as such he is considered as a veteran of the craft.

The Dr. T Hair Transplant Clinic is located at Rüzgarlıbahçe Mahallesi, Özel Medistate Kavacık Hst., 34805 Beykoz, Istanbul, Turkey.

Muttalip Kesser

Dr. Muttalip Kesser is widely known in Turkey as a specialist when it comes to plastic, esthetic, and reconstructive surgery. He established the esthetic surgery center called Derma-Past in 2008. Dr. Kesser started with esthetic surgery operations, and later expended his clinic’s services to cover FUE hair transplantation method in 2003.

Since then, Dr. Kesser’s Derma-Past clinic have completed thousands of hair transplant procedures. Some of Dr. Kesser’s clients are prominent figures in Turkey’s sports, entertainment, and social scene.

Dr. Kesser claims that he is the first hair transplant expert to use the FUE method in Turkey. After extensive research both in Turkey and the United States, Dr. Kesser was able to develop its own Follicular Unit Extractor which a specially designed needle. Dr. Kesser have been performing cutting-edge hair transplant procedure for more than 10 years now.

As a recognition to his massive contribution to the hair transplant research and development, he was awarded membership to theprestigious International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Aside from performing hair transplant surgeries, Dr. Kesser is also known for giving conferences and talks about his research about the industry. His Derma-Past clinic is located at Çankaya Cad. 6/5 Ankara, 06680, Turkey.

Emrah Cinik

Dr. Emrah Cinik is a medical aesthetics doctor and head of the Dr Cinik Hair Transplant Clinic and Plastic Surgery Services. Dr. Cinik’s clinic has been in operation for more than 10 years. Since the establishment of his clinic, he has successfully performed more than 8,000 FUE hair transplant operations and more than 9,000 plastic surgery operations.

Throughout the years, Dr. Cinik have garnered several awards and recognitions from various hair transplant and medical aesthetic institutions. He is certified by the JCI-USA organization which means that his practice is certified with world-class quality. His clinic is also accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Regarding his hair transplant procedures, Dr. Cinik can perform a 4,000-graft procedure in just one session. Compared to most clinics in the United States, Europe, and even in Turkey, Dr. Cinik’s price point is significantly lower.

Aside from the conventional Follicular Unit Extraction, Dr. Cinik is also an expert when it comes to Body Hair Transplant, Bear Hair Transplant, Eyebrow Transplant, Hair Transplant Repair, and Strip Scars Repair.

Dr. Cinik is widely regarded for his top-class methods of extraction with the most affordable of prices.

His clinic is located at Kaptanpaşa, Okmeydanı Kavşağı Darülaceze Cad. No:14, 34384 Okmeydani, Istanbul, Turkey.

Ilker Apayden

Dr. Ilker Apayden is the co-founder and senior aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgeon of the NewAge clinic which is based in Istanbul Turkey. The clinic is renowned for its world class plastic and reconstructive operations. It is also one of the most visited clinics by tourists who are looking for affordable and effective hair transplant procedures.

Dr. Apayden is well-known in the medical aesthetic community in Turkey. He had done several procedures to some of the most prominent figures in Turkey’s social ladder. He is also one of the top choices for tourists who are looking for affordable hair transplant operations.

Dr. Apayden offers free consultation, something that is becoming rare nowadays. Such practice have endeared him to many people who are looking for an affordable way to fix their hair loss problems. He is also giving away various discounts for qualified clients.

Aside from being a popular choice, Dr. Apayden is also known for his experience and skill as a hair transplant and aesthetic plastic surgeon. He is a member of the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery, International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the Turkish Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Society.

Dr. Apayden’s NewAge Clinic is located at Fulya Terrace, Hakki Yeten Avenue No:11, C1-67, 34365, Fulya, Istanbul, Turkey.

Erkan Demirsoy

Dr. Erkan Demirsoy’s career in hair transplant surgery spans more than 15 years. He started as an expert in the FUT technique. In 2005, decided to shift his focus towards the FUE technique which was beginning to get a lot of attention during that time.

Regarding his methods, Dr. Demirsoy uses either micromotor or manual punch techniques. The decision lies on the patient’s wishes and based on the level of their baldness. Dr. Demirsoy prides himself with the quality of his work which is achieved through meticulous dedication to the craft. His works are also well-praised for their natural look and good hair density.

Dr. Demirsoy uses some of the latest equipment in order to ensure the effectiveness of his procedures. Moreover, he is properly trained and has a wide experience when it comes to hair transplant procedures.

Dr. Demirsoy is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and the Turkish Doctor’s Union.

In 2004, he founded his own clinic and called it Armamed. Since then, his clinic have been widely praised for its world-class quality and unrivaled services. Dr. Demirsoy offers some of the most affordable hair transplant procedures in Turkey.

Dr. Demirsoy’s clinic is located at Barbaros Mah. Varyap, Meridian Grandtower, A Block, Atasehir, Istanbul, Turkey.

Ali Emre Karadeniz

Dr. Ali Emre Karadeniz is the head of AEK Hair Institute in Turkey. Dr. Karadeniz is the only American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery Certified Turkish plastic surgeon. While his main specialization is as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Karadeniz has also built quite a reputation as an excellent hair transplant expert.

Dr. Karadeniz started practicing hair restoration surgery in 2010. Since then, he has performed more than 1,500 hair transplant procedures making him one of the country’s doctors with a wide experience in the craft.

As a hair transplant expert, Dr. Karadeniz devoted his career to bringing only the best and world-class quality transplant procedures to his clients. He also believe that top quality procedures do not necessarily have to be expensive, which is why his clinic offers a very competitive price point for every procedure.

Dr. Karadeniz always makes sure that every patient is properly assisted through the whole procedure. Which is why he only caters to one or two patients per day. This allows him to give his full attention to every patient, and in turn give them the best service that they need.

Dr. Karadeniz’s AEK Hair Institute clinic is located at Brandium R2 Block, Flat 114, Kucukbakkalkoy, Atasehir, Istanbul, Turkey.


Based on the entries provided, it would appear that Turkey really lives up to its title as one of the best destination in the world to get an excellent hair transplant procedure. The country has thousands of experts that are adept in the craft, and with these choices also come a lot of options when it comes to quality and price.

Each entry provided have different specialization methods, quality, and most importantly price.

When it comes to quality and price, Turkey has a wide list of experts that literally covers almost every price point. While there are some tradeoffs along the way, it is almost impossible not to find one that suits your budget.

Turkey is turning its medical and aesthetic tourism into a prime driver of its economy. Moreover, it also provides thousands of jobs for locals. In Asia alone, Turkey is inching closer to the ranks of India (you might want to check the list of hair transplant surgeons in India), Malaysia, and Thailand in terms of medical tourist arrivals.

With the growing demand for medical tourism in general, many market experts are expecting the local hair transplant industry to grow exponentially in the coming years. Among the most sought after medical procedures in Turkey are optical care, dental care, plastic surgery, and hair transplantation.

As a response to this booming industry, and also as part of its effort to help its growth, Turkey’s government announced that it will introduce tax-free health zones soon. This will help lower down the cost of procedures and will also attract more tourists into the country.

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