20 of the Best Shampoos for Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by several things, including lack of iron, stress, poor diet, thyroid, and autoimmune problems. If you are suffering from it, you are probably on the hunt for the best shampoo that you can use to prevent further hair loss and even try to promote hair regrowth. However, looking for the right product can be a bit difficult because of the wide variety of choices that are available for consumers like you.

When buying shampoo for hair loss, it is important to look for a product that is gentle yet effective in cleaning your hair and scalp. It should also contain ingredients that can help prevent hair loss and can also provide benefits for hair health and growth. Do not just try anything that you see as using the wrong product may just aggravate the situation even more.

To help solve your hair loss problems, here are twenty of the best shampoos that are proven to be effective anti hair loss products.

1. PURA D’OR Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo (Gold Label)

This shampoo is an effective solution for thinning hair in men and women as well as hair breakage. It is manufactured by Pura D’or and it comes in a 16 fluid ounce bottle. It is formulated with Aloe Vera and Red Korean Seaweed, with 16 other key active ingredients for protection against hair loss.

What’s great about this product is that it does not have any parabens, sulfates, harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances and colorants. It is made with powerful natural ingredients that is why it is suitable even for colored, treated, or dry hair.

To use, you just need three pumps of the shampoo, lather it on your hair and leave on for two minutes for full absorption. Rinse well. You may experience increased hair fall at first, but that is normal so no need to worry. Just use it daily for three months and you will see great results.

2. PURA D’OR Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Premium Organic Argan Oil Shampoo

This premium organic shampoo is another product from Pura D’or which promises to help reduce hair loss due to breakage and at the same time, help with hair restoration.  It contains niacin, biotin, and other antioxidants which energize hair from root to tip. It also comes in 16 fluid ounce bottle.

Since it is made by Pura D’ora, it also does not contain parabens, sulfates, artificial colors, and other harmful chemicals. Because of its organic ingredients, it also smells fresh and natural. Some of its ingredients include biotin, which encourages healthy and stronger hair and argan oil, which nourishes and strengthens hair and scalp.

You only need to use it for three continuous months to achieve favorable results. Just use it like how you use a regular shampoo, but leave it on for two minutes for deeper penetration and so that the essential oils and extracts can be fully absorbed.

3. Ultrax Labs Hair Surge

Hair Surge is a highly effective micro blend caffeine shampoo technology that is manufactured by Ultrax Labs. It comes in an 8 fluid ounce bottle that is packed with powerful caffeine compounds that can help reduce hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth for both men and women.

It contains three active ingredients which are the reasons why this shampoo is considered to be an effective hair loss treatment. It has caffeine, which helps extend and stimulate the life of hair follicles, ketoconazole, which can fight funguses which cause hair loss, and saw palmetto, which restores hair and cancels out DHT.

Hair Surge can be used in addition to your regular shampoo or in place of it. Just massage and lather it into your hair and scalp and leave it on for two to five minutes before rinsing. For maximum effectiveness, it is advisable to use it five times a week.

4. Nioxin Cleanser, System 2

This cleanser and shampoo is made by Nioxin and is considered by some to be the best shampoo for natural hair that is noticeably thinning. It gently removes build-up, oil, and debris and clears the nutrient pathways to the scalp and hair follicle sites. What’s good about it is, while it cleans effectively, it does not strip essential oils from the hair. It comes in a 33.8 ounce bottle which can definitely last a while.

It helps in reducing hair loss and increasing the fullness of each hair strand using a unique technology called BioAMP. It also uses the Scalp Access delivery system which uses vitamins, plant ingredients, and sunscreen for deep cleansing as well as protection from the sun.

It has a fresh, minty scent because it also has tea extract and peppermint oil. To use, just apply to wet hair, gently massage into scalp and hair, then rinse.

5. Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth B-Complex Formula

This biotin shampoo, made by a company called Honeydew, has an extra strength formula to help prevent and treat hair loss safely and naturally. It also cleans the scalp from dandruff flakes, stimulates hair follicles, and promotes circulation for healthier hair growth. It comes in an 8 ounce bottle.

What’s great and unique about this shampoo is that it is non-GMO and GMP certified. It is also hypoallergenic and free from parabens, sulfate, and other chemicals. It is made from natural ingredients and contains the finest herbs and oils such as rosemary extract, green tea extract, mulberry root extract, evening primrose oil, phytokeratin, and argan oil.

It is safe, natural, therapeutic, and works for all hair types. So whether you have oily, frizzy, or dry hair, this biotin shampoo can make your hair feel and look great, while reducing hair loss. To use, just use it like a regular shampoo.

6. Pure Body Naturals, Argan Oil Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo

This hair regrowth and anti hair fall shampoo is an herbal and natural hair remedy manufactured by Pure Body Naturals. It gently nourishes hair follicles with essential nutrients to treat any damages and help with the healing process. It comes in a 16 ounce bottle which can last for months.

It is made from natural ingredients and is free from harsh chemicals, parabens, and sulfates. It has biotin, which strengthens hair strands, niacin, which increases circulation, and plant extracts, which promote healthy hair growth. It also contains argan oil, vitamin B complex, nettles extract, saw palmetto, and other natural ingredients.

Aside from fighting hair loss, it also adds volume, regrows hair, and strengthens hair with 14 DHT blockers. It is suitable for all hair types and can be used by both men and women. For best results, it should be used once or twice a day like a regular shampoo.

7. Regenepure – DR Shampoo, Hair and Scalp Treatment

This product from Regenepure is a powerful shampoo and hair fall treatment that is recommended by doctors. It has nourishing ingredients which properly cleanse and prepare the scalp for maximum absorption. It also provides dry scalp relief by reducing flaking. It comes in an 8 ounce bottle.

It is formulated with valuable ingredients such as niacin, vitamin B6, saw palmetto extract, emu oil, jojoba oil and more. It also has aloe vera, which is a soothing ingredient and a natural element that helps with hair regrowth. This shampoo is not only packed with effective ingredients, it is also free from parabens, sulfates, DEA, and other harsh chemicals.

The DR shampoo can be used by both men and women and is safe for colored hair as well as keratin treated hair. If you have oily hair, use this shampoo with Regenepure NT and Regenepure Essentials Advanced Biotin Supplement for best results.

8. HairGenics Pronexa Clinical Strength Hair Regrowth Therapy Shampoo With Biotin

Pronexa shampoo from HairGenics is a clinical strength hair growth and nourishment shampoo which utilizes the latest and best ingredients to help address hair loss and thinning hair. It comes in an 8 ounce bottle, which can last for a couple of months, depending on the hair length.

This hair growth shampoo has a potent formula to ensure maximum effectiveness. Some of the ingredients include aloe vera and seaweed extracts, which nourish scalp and follicles, dht blockers, saw palmetto extract, and biotin. Biotin is an effective ingredient which promotes hair growth and prevents hair dryness. It also strengthens the hair by increasing the elasticity of the hair cortex, which results to less hair breakage.

For best results, use Pronexa shampoo for at least six months. It is also recommended that you utilize the complete hair care system which includes the Pronexa supplement for a fuller, thicker, and healthier looking hair.

9. Original Sprout Natural Shampoo

To prevent hair loss in male and female, it is best to use products that  are gentle such as the Natural Shampoo from Original Sprout. It is so safe that it can be used even by babies. It comes in four sizes: 1.25 ounce, 4 ounce, 12 ounce, and 33 ounce bottles.

The great thing about this natural shampoo is that it is 100% vegan and does not contain any synthetic colors. It also does not have any petroleum oils, parabens, or phytoestrogens such as tea tree or lavender oils. It only contains moisturizing botanicals and nourishing emollients to wash away hair buildup and prevent dryness. Some of its ingredients include organic calendula flower, cranberry fruit, and rosemary extracts.

It also protects color treated hair and is super gentle on eyes and skin. It works great on all hair types and leaves a soft, smooth, and supple scalp and hair.

10. Wick & Ström Premium Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

This premium shampoo from Wick & Ström works not just to prevent hair loss. It also inhibits premature hair loss, rejuvenates and invigorates hair, and optimizes healthy hair growth. It is formulated to give great results and is available in a 12 ounce bottle.

It is made with high quality ingredients such as caffeine, which plays a vital role in regulating hair growth by guiding follicles’ behavior, and biotin, which contributes to the strengthening of your hair. It is an essential nutrient for preserving the strength of the roots while also accelerating hair growth. It also has aloe barbadensis leaf, saw palmetto and ketoconazole for healthier and thicker hair.

It is suitable for both men and women and it begins working even on first usage. It has a fresh mango scent which will leave hair smelling fresh and amazing. For maximum results, it is best to use this shampoo daily.

11. ArtNaturals Organic Argan Oil Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo

This 16 ounce bottle hair loss prevention shampoo from Art Naturals is an organic way to prevent hair loss in female and also in male. Aside from prevention, it also promotes hair regrowth. With its vitamin-infused formula, it also helps restore thinning and dull hair, while also enhancing volume and adding shine.

Its main ingredient is Moroccan argan oil and it also has botanical extracts, proteins, and caffeine, which strengthen hair shafts, clean the scalp, and lock damages caused by DHT hormones. It also contains vitamin E, aloe vera, and essential oils which hydrate and rejuvenate hair.

To use, wet hair and massage a small amount of Argan Oil Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo into hair and scalp. For best results, leave it on for three to five minutes and rinse well. It gives fast results that lesser hair fall will be noticeable after just a few days of using it.

12. PhytoWorx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo

This herbal shampoo from Phytoworx, which comes in an 8 ounce bottle, is designed to stop hair loss and help regrow hair. It works because it contains unique ingredients such as stem cells and essential oils, which helps promote stronger, thicker, and glossier hair.

The plant stem cells used in PhytoWorx’s formula are sourced from Switzerland and have the scientific name Maluus Domestica. The organic essential oils include peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus, which boost scalp health and promote hair growth. Other effective ingredients include aloe vera juice, green tea extract, cucumber fruit extract, and pomegranate extract. It does not contain sulfates and other harsh chemicals.

To use the product, wet hair, lather a quarter sized amount into hair, and leave on for a few minutes before rinsing. It smells great, lathers well, and a little of it goes a long way, so a bottle can last for quite a while.

13. Nourish Beaute PREMIUM Vitamins Hair Growth Shampoo

For people who are looking for an effective shampoo for alopecia, their search can end with Nourish Beaute’s Premium Vitamins hair Growth Shampoo. It comes in a 10 ounce bottle and is packed with active botanical complexes to strengthen hair and activate dormant follicles.

It has a nourishing blend of vitamins and minerals from lemon grass, caviar extract, caffeine, and wheat germs to strengthen and fortify hair. For faster hair growth, it also contains botanicals such as ginko, saw palmetto, and green tea. For healthier hair and scalp, it also has essential oils like argan and jojoba oils, olive oil, coconut oil, and aloe.

It works on all hair types and stops alopecia for all ethnicities. To use the product, wet hair and apply a liberal amount. Massage gently into roots for two to three minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Immediate results may be seen, but will improve with continued use.

14. Hair Growth Lemongrass-Rosemary Lab Formulated Botanical Hair Recovery System

There are other hair loss products aside from shampoos and this is one great example. The Lemongrass-Rosemary Lab Formulated Botanical Hair Recovery System from Hair Growth helps reduce hair loss by stimulating blood circulation around hair follicles. It also has antibacterial qualities which help improve scalp condition and promote hair growth.

It has lemongrass, which stimulates cell division, dilates blood vessels, and allows hair follicles to grow. It also has rosemary, which contains Ursolic acid. It helps increase scalp circulation and promote hair growth. What’s great is that it does not contain SLS, parabens, and other harsh chemicals.

Before shampooing, part your hair and apply two to four drops along the section line. Massage into scalp and leave on for at least twenty minutes. For best results, apply two to three times a week. It comes in a 4 ounce bottle which can last for about 8 weeks or more.

15. L’emarie Intensive Hair Growth and Hair Loss Shampoo, W/ 1% Ketoconazole Biotin, DHT Blocking Prevention Hair Growth Treatment for Men and Women

For effective hair fall control, it is important to use products that promote healthy hair growth. This intensive shampoo from L’emarie targets the scalp and gets rid of common conditions which prevent hair growth. It comes in a 16 ounce bottle.

It contains pea peptide active, which stimulates follicle stem cells and promote hair growth. It is also enhanced with ketoconazole, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal ingredient to rid of dry and flaky scalp. It also contain essential oils and botanicals such as aloe vera, pumpkin seed oil, an tea tree oil, that deeply moisturizes the hair and scalp.

This shampoo can be used by both men and women and works on all hair types.    It is fragrance-free and can be used to treat hair loss, hair thinning, hair breakage, dry scalp, itchy scalp, alopecia, scalp psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and other types of scalp conditions preventing hair growth.

16. Just Natural Hair Care Hair Loss Shampoo

This hair growth and thickening shampoo, which comes in a 16 ounce bottle, is manufactured by Just Natural Hair Care. It has vitamins and nutrients which help provide the best, fullest, and healthiest hair. It also revitalizes the scalp and nourish hair follicles.

It is made with nutritive ingredients such as aloe vera hydrosol, birch essential oil, horsetail extract, plantain extract, chia seed oil, fo-ti extract, atlas cedarwood, and rosemary essential oil. It does not contain any harsh detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate. It is also gentle enough to be used on colored hair as it does not contain chloride or sulfate.

Make sure that the bottle is shaken well before each use. To use, wet hair and massage the shampoo into your hair. Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly. For best results, it should be used at least twice weekly.

17. Rx 4 Hair Loss Unisex Organic Anti-hair Loss Shampoo

This anti balding shampoo, which comes in an 8 ounce bottle, is known to stop hair loss and support healthy hair growth. It is manufactured by Rx 4 Hair Loss which promises that the product contains only natural and organic ingredients. It works by blocking the production of DHT and increasing the time hair remains in the growth phase.  

It does not contain any sulphates, parabens, and other harsh chemicals like minoxidil or rogaine, which can have harmful side effects. Some of its ingredients include decyl glucoside, hydroxysultaine, and cocamidopropyl betaine, which are all from coconuts. It also has aloe gel, argan oil, saw palmetto extract, almond oil, and rosemary extract.

It works for both men and women. To use, wet scalp and hair and massage the product into scalp for 30 to 45 seconds. Leave it on for two to three minutes for maximum absorption and then rinse thoroughly.

18. Amplixin Stimulating Hair Growth Shampoo for Women & Men

This stimulating shampoo from Amplixin helps prevent hair loss and pattern baldness, which are common hair problems. It has a complete nutrient delivery system which encourages stronger roots and at the same time, promotes healthier hair growth.

It is specially formulated without parabens and sulfates so it is safe enough to be used on all hair types. It is made with high quality ingredients and contains caffeine, red clover, and acetyl-tetrapeptide-3. Caffeine acts as a stimulator of human hair growth, red clover improves the hair’s strength and elasticity, while acetyl-tetrapeptide-3 blocks DHT.

This product can be used by both men and women. It is best for hair loss prevention and works on all hair types. To use, wet hair and apply the product. Lather a generous amount and leave it on for three to five minutes. Rinse thoroughly. For maximum results, use it daily and follow with Amplixin Revitalizing Conditioner.

19. Hair Growth Botanical Renovation Sulfate-Free Scalp Stimulating Shampoo

This botanical and rich in vitamins shampoo is made by Hair Growth Botanical Renovation and comes in a 10.2 ounce bottle. It has an original formula which fights hair loss, promotes hair growth, and helps improve dull and thinning hair. In fact, it reduced hair loss by as much as 50% and boosts natural hair growth by 145%.

It is made from 100% plant-based, organic ingredients and has strong bioactive components that are contained in saw palmetto oil, and capsaicin from cayenne and chili pepper oil.  The ingredients improve the health of hair follicles and provide more volume, bounce, and shine to thinning hair. It does not contain sulphates, parabens, hormones, and mineral oils.

This product can be used by both men and women and works on all hair types. Just use it as a daily regular shampoo. Results may be seen immediately or after a few weeks of use.

20. Vie Naturelle Hair Loss Treatment Shampoo for Fast Hair Growth – DHT Blocker Infused with Caffeine, Biotin, Tea Tree & Argan Oil

This hair loss treatment shampoo from Vie Naturelle nourishes the hair and scalp for proper follicular function. It comes in a king size, 16 ounce bottle which will definitely last for a while. It contains a unique blend of essential vitamins, herbs, and minerals, which all help to solve various deficiencies that cause hair loss.

It contains only safe and natural ingredients such as caffeine, ketoconazole, and saw palmetto. Caffeine helps extend the life of hair follicles and encourage healthy hair, while ketoconazole also helps in addressing thinning hair and premature hair loss. Saw palmetto blocks DHT, which is a hormone that is a major cause of pattern baldness among men and women.

Other active ingredients include vitamin B3, biotin, white nettle flower, pro-vitamin B5, pure argan oil, rosemary extract, and lemongrass oil. To use, simply massage into wet hair and rinse thoroughly. For best results, use daily and consistently.

While there are many effective hair loss shampoos available in the market, it should be noted that not all may work. There are any options to choose from, that is why you should be able to find one product that will work best for you. Sometimes, your choice can be dictated by your budget, recommendations, and your awareness of the ingredients that are contained in each of the products.

Sometimes, it is also a matter of preference, whether you want an all-natural product, an organic shampoo, or something that smells great. The important thing is, always look for products which do not contain any harmful chemicals such as parabens and sulphates.

Some products also take a while for them to take effect, so make sure that you give a product enough time to kick in and show results. Try sticking with one product at a time before trying another one.

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