Worried About Hair Fall?

Many of us wonder why we might be losing our hair so much. Well, hair fall may be due to various reasons. The outside environment, pollution, health problems and other such factors are some of the reasons of this hair fall.

Castor Oil can be used to prevent hair fall. Prior to your bath, mix any other hair oil with Castor Oil and massage it all over your hair properly. Then wait for an hour and wash your favorite shampoo. Massage your hair with the oil for 3 days a week. Within a few days you will see new hair peeking out and hair fall will also gradually decrease. To get the full benefit you must wait for at least one month. Wash your hands thoroughly after using the castor oil on your hair because the oil is very strong and your hands may start growing hair. Also keep your face away from getting the Castor Oil. Apart from that, Castor Oil has no major harmful side effects. Minor side effects may appear such as allergic reaction on scalp.


The important ingredients to take care of your hair are readily available near around us. So, all you need to know is to find out how to use them.

  • Eggs are very beneficial for hair. Egg yolk provides nourishment to the hair and the white part of the egg makes hair silky.  Whisk an egg and apply it on your scalp at least once a week. Shampoo your hair and wash it thoroughly after waiting an hour of its application.
  • Lentils can be useful for taking care of our hair. Grind the lentils and make a paste out of it and then apply it all over your scalp.
  • If you have bananas at your house then mix a banana, lemon and coconut oil together and apply it on your hair. Using this mask will make your hair healthier.
  • Grind Amalaki or gooseberry and make a paste out of it. Apply the paste on your hair. Amalaki is an effective ingredient to treat certain hair problems.


  • Avoid using different types of hair styling products. Take care of your hair using natural ingredients. Braid your hair loosely before going asleep. It is because the hair strands tends to break down when it gets rubbed on the cotton pillow case.
  • During daytime it is better not to leave your house with your open. The hair becomes rough by the sun’s heat. So while going out during the daytime is good to use an umbrella to keep your hair beautiful.
  • Do not let dust and dirt get accumulated at your scalp. Hair tends to get dirty if you need to go outside regularly. As such it is better to clean and wash the hair with a good shampoo regularly.
  • Wash your hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo for at least twice a month. It will help your hair to stay away from dandruffs.

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