Stop Your Hair Fall By Using Reetha And Shikakai To Make Your Own Natural Shampoo

We all have endless questions regarding our hair problems such as why it falls excessively and how to grow hair faster and so on. Well, I myself have been asked couple of times about which shampoo I use for preventing my hair fall. But the funny thing is that, it is not the shampoo which helps in preventing my hair to fall rather using shampoo and hair products in uncontrolled way harms the hair. Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) and Silicon found in the shampoos are harsh chemical ingredients responsible for the hair fall. So, from now on read the list of ingredients used in the shampoo before purchasing one and avoid the ones containing those harsh ingredients,

Now will you be surprised if I tell you that, you, yourself can make a natural shampoo which not only nourishes your hair but also controls the damage? Well, let’s get to know about it without wasting our time.

We will make this natural shampoo by using our grandmother’s recipe. Before the era of shampoos and conditioners our ancestors used to cleanse their hair with natural ingredients like Reetha ( Soapnut) and shikakai. These two ingredients have been used in almost any hair related remedy from the era of the Ayurvedic Practices. Those who do not know about Reetha and shikakai read on below to know about them and their benefits.


Shikakai is a shrub-like tree and is sometimes called hair-fruit and also Acacia concinna.  This all-natural plant works magic for hair. Grown in central India this herb is well known for treating hair problems has been used since ages for hair growth.  The shikakai powder when dissolved in water forms foam just like normal shampoo and the low pH level in it helps in keeping the natural oil of our hair from not stripping out.


This fruit has round and wrinkled appearance and carries a round black nut inside, The English name of the fruit is Soapnut and the botanical name is Sapindus Mukorossi. Reetha is a great natural cleanser and it makes a lot of foam which is enough to wash away the dirt and grease from the hair. In fact this fruit is still widely used in the villages to wash dirty clothes and dresses. Moreover, it is also commonly used as a natural ingredient in many hair care products.

Now let’s see how you may prepare a shampoo by using Reetha and Shkhakai.


I got waist-length hair and as such I need 15-20 Reetha and 5-7 shikakai. If your hair is rough or longer, increase the number of shikakhai and reduce the number of Reetha. It’s because, shikakai makes the hair smoother and softer. You will be getting both of the ingredients at a very low cost. You can also buy the powdered ones. In that case, mix two spoons of shikakai with four spoonful of Reetha. But because of the danger of adulteration, I would recommend you to buy the raw Reetha and shikakai


  1. First, take out the seeds of Reetha and along with shikakai let it stay soaked in water for few hours or overnight. This will soften them. (In this way, you will be able to make the desired amount of shampoo which can be used for a week)
  2. Now heat the mixture of Reetha, shikakai and water and boil for a little over 15-20 minutes.
  3. If you see lots of froth is getting produced, take out the mixture and strain it to use the residue as shampoo. You may use the mixture along with the water as the shampoo or, you can also use the residue as a shampoo. Well, at the beginning of washing your hair, you may not find the shampoo to lather like the store-bought ones. But soon after two to three washes you will start noticing it forming foams.

This mixture can be kept refrigerated for a week.


Divide your hair into sections and massage the liquid mixture on your scalp. Work the shampoo throughout the volume of hair. You will have the indication that your hair is clean whenever it starts to form foam so keep on washing your hair with it till it lathers.

If you have applied any hair oil prior to washing your hair with this shampoo, you will notice that it will also clear out the excess hair oil. However, it will not strip out the natural oil of hair.


  • The shampoo is absolutely free from chemicals
  • It helps to grow new hair and prevents hair fall.
  • It can be prepared at a very low-cost. By using the shampoo regularly, you may be even able to cut your cost of purchasing hair conditioners.
  • It makes the hair feel less frizzy.
  • It removes dandruff and lice.
  • Gradually makes the hair straighter. .
  • Shikakai makes the hair silkier and adds shine to it. As such you will not need the silicon induced hair conditioners for your hair.

The only problem you might face is that, it takes a lot of time to prepare the shampoo and the process is a little bit messy. But, it has helped me in reducing my hair fall to such extent that, it doesn’t hurt me if takes a while to prepare the shampoo.  You will get to understand its advantages as soon as you just like me start noticing your hair become much healthier. So, why wait? Stop your hair fall right now by using the Reetha and Shikhai for your hair.

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