Quickest Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair Naturally

Today’s women are always busy and with their hectic lifestyle they can barely manage a little time to themselves. Women of all classes and races; starting from the full-time students, full-time employees as well as housewives are always packed with working schedules. As such with the workload and lack of time they can hardly take care of their hair. Not taking a proper care of hair for a long time leads to severe hair problems. Besides now a day, hair fall is also a common phenomenon among the girls. In this case, going for a salon hair treatment can be time-consuming and to solve this problem today, I am going to discuss about some quick and less time-consuming hair care tips which will assist in reducing the hair fall and also make the hair thicker and stronger.

You can take care of your precious lustrous hair simply by using some common ingredients which are usually available at your home.  At first, you can easily make hair oil for regularly applying on your hair.

Let’s get to know what ingredients you will need to make the oil.

  1. Henna leaves (amounting to handful of the leaves)
  2. Mustard oil (equivalent to 250 ml).

Method of preparation:

First separate the mehendi/henna leaves from the plant and put the leaves in a container. Wash the leaves thoroughly in plenty of water, so that there is no dirt on the leaves.  After washing the leaves dry them by wiping with a clean piece of cloth.

Then pour 250 ml of mustard oil in a bowl and heat it lightly. Put few of the mehendi leaves in the oil just after the oil becomes hot. Then keep on heating the mixture until you notice bubbles or foams forming above the mixture. Always keep on stirring the mixture so that it does not get burnt. Take out the bowl from the stove and after a while put the bowl on the stove again. Then just like the previous manner put the rest of the mehendi leaves in the oil.  Stir the mixture and heat it for a while until you notice foams just like before. After that take away the bowl from the stove and let the oil cool

Next, when the oil is cold enough strain it with a thin clean cloth or strainer. Finally, store the oil in a glass bottle or glass jar. Oil can be preserved a long time if kept in glass bottle. You may also store the oil in a plastic container but in that case it’s better to prepare lower quantity of oil.

If you prefer Mehendi powder then mix 1/3 cup of the powder and half cup of mustard oil and heat the oil mixture for 25/30 minutes in the same way like the above method. Then strain the oil with a thin clean cloth and then apply it on your hair.

Procedure of application:

All you need to do is simply divide your hair into sections and apply the oil on our scalp and all over your hair. Keep the oil on your hair for at least three hours before shampooing. If you let the oil stay on your hair overnight and then wash it off the next morning, you will achieve a better result. Apply this hair oil twice a week.


You will start to notice a significant difference just within a week. In one to one-and-a-half months, your hair will also stop falling.


  1. Avoid using anti-dandruff shampoo if you are suffering from excessive hair fall.
  2. After shampooing your hair always apply a suitable hair conditioner.

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