Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss?

The idea that masturbation can lead to hair loss is not as strange as it sounds. While it may sound like a joke, there is actually some scientific evidence which indicates there may be some truth to it. It goes without saying there are a lot of possible reasons for hair loss, and some men are more predisposed than others.

That being said, there is basis to the claim that excessive masturbation could lead precipitate thinning hair and eventually hair loss. In this in-depth guide, we will examine the facts behind the connection between masturbation and baldness.

Masturbation, Hair Loss and Hormones

Testosterone is a type of hormone in your body, and it is turned into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Excessive masturbation will increase the level of DHT in your body, and since DHT has been shown to shrink hair follicles, this in turn will lead to hair loss.

The link between DHT and hair loss has been well established, and those who are genetically predisposed are most likely to feel its effects. Hormones are very important and play a significant role in managing various body functions such as sexual arousal, reproduction, metabolism, immune system and growth.

Masturbating too much – along with genetic predisposition –  may lead to hormonal imbalance.  Any hormonal disturbance could affect hair growth.

How Mastrubation Can Worsen Hair Loss

Masturbation alone will not cause baldness or extreme hair loss, but it is true that masturbation can aggravate the situation especially if you are already balding or susceptible to hair loss. While masturbation is often seen as a way to relieve sexual tension, it can also lead to physical stress.

Physical stress is one of the leading causes of hair loss, so the more you masturbate, the more likely you’re going to suffer hair loss. Masturbating every once in awhile isn’t going to do any harm. However, there are some men who become addicted and masturbate several times a day.

When a person starts to masturbate several times a day or multiple times per session, it becomes a strenuous act and will take its toll on the body. The physical exertion takes its effect on the organs, and the person also begins to suffer from the mental stress of wanting to masturbate over and over.

The Stages of Hair Loss Due to Excess Masturbation

The frequency of masturbation will determine the severity of the hair loss. The following are the most common stages:

  • Mlld: this usually occurs during the early stages when you start masturbating too much. This stage can begin at anytime, although 16 to 30 years is the most common. A receding hairline is the most common symptom.
  • Severe: at this stage the hair gets worse. As one keeps masturbating, hair starts to recede along the top of the head. As men start to lose their hair, they get stressed and it affects their mood.
  • Very Severe / Advanced: this condition usually applies to those who are genetically predisposed to it. Older men who masturbate excessively could suffer physical discomfort such as back pain, anxiety and others.

The symptoms of hair loss due to masturbation vary from person to person,[ and the severity varies as well. Because there is still research going on, scientists are still trying to determine the most common symptoms. Apart from what we have already pointed out, those who masturbatae frequently may end up with a weaker and shorter erection.

Related Symptoms

If you’re new to this research, the idea that masturbation could lead to these physical conditions may seem incredulous. However there is enough scientific evidence to show that masturbtaing too much can lead to the health problems we described above.

The easiest way to explain this is that frequent masturbation generates a chain reaction, a series of events that harm not just your hair but the rest of your body. As you will see, masturbation alone is not responsible for these conditions, but can lead to it.

  • Fatigue: masturbation requires physical effort. Not only is it tiring, but your body needs to do a lot to produce semen and ejaculate. Ejaculation and orgasms is something men take for granted, but it’s actually a complex process which requires a lot of nutrients and processes.
  • Body Aches and Pains: this is a product of suffering fatigue. As your body gets fatigued, you get weaker and lack the strength to do the things you used to. This also means you will feel aches and pains quicker and more severely. If you masturbate frequently and you don’t receive any replenishments, physical weakness will get worse.
  • Insomnia / Difficulty Sleeping: this is in turn is caused by those body pains. If your body is always hurting, you won’t be able to sleep. Every time you turn, there’s a part of your body that aches, and you will have difficulty sleeping.
  • Mood Changes / Anxiety / Depression: the lack of sleep and fatigue can make anyone moody.
  • Weak Erection: excessive masturbation causes hormonal imbalance, and this could lead to weak erections.
  • Masturbating too much could also affect your sex life. You spend so much energy masturbating you could run out of stamina when engaging in sex. You will also notice semen volume gets depleted the more you masturbate. All of these factors are going to affect your sex drive.

As we have explained here, the number of ailments that could arise from masturbating too much can be severe. While not everyone will experience these symptoms at the same time, what is clear is that this is a possibility.

What this also means is there is evidence to support the claims that masturbation and hair loss are related. This is also the reason why a lot of researchers are now looking into this as the link between the masturbation and receding hair are being established.

The Link between Masturbation and DHT

As we pointed out earlier, masturbation and DHT are linked together. When you engage in this activity, your body generates an assortment of proteins and hormones. After ejaculation, your body turns testosterone into DHT. This process takes place in your testicles and prostate, and under normal circumstances it’s acceptable.

But excessive masturbation results in a large buildup of DHT. The higher the buildup level, the more likely it is going to destroy roots and hair follicles. When there is too much DHT in your body, it will lead to the following:

  • Hair follicles will be attacked and suffer damage
  • The DHT will obstruct your hair roots’ nutritional supplies and hinder hair growth
  • DHT also acts as a simulator for the sebaceous gland, and this makes your hair oily
  • DHT is also responsible for producing cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for increasing prolactin. At the same time it reduces your body’s level of HGH, DHEA and testosterone.
  • The physical stress caused by too much masturbation means it is more likely to increase 5-alpha reductase. This in turn leads to more frequent testosterone to DHT conversions.
  • A high level of L-arginine (an amino acid) combined with a high level of the hormone androgen will stimulate your nervous system. An overstimulated nervous system leads to a higher testosterone DHT. When this conversion level is high, your body gets stressed, hindering hair growth.

The effects are not always quickly felt, but given enough time you will notice your hair getting thinner. If you continue masturbating frequently, it could damage your hair’s roots and the follicles. The excess ejaculation acts as a stimulant for DHT.

As the DHT interferes with your body’s nutrients, it causes damage to the scalp and hair. All of these activities will lead to thinning hair and eventually balding. The biggest problem with baldness and thinning hair is that it is very difficult to grow back.

To recap, the net effect of masturbating too much is it generates a lot of DHT. Normal levels of DHT is not bad, but in excess it’s going to have a drastic, negative effect on hair follicles.

A  study conducted in the University of Chicago reveals that 92% of hair scalp grows continuously, but this only happens if DHT levels are managed. Unless DHT levels are handled properly, it will cause problems and worsen any hair problems.

Masturbation, Hair Loss and Genetics

We have repeatedly stressed there is a link between these three, and it affects a lot of men and causes early hair loss. Due to differences in genes, some men will lose their hair at a faster rate. If you have family members who are prone to balding, you’re going to suffer hair loss more quickly than others.

The problem gets worse if you have genes which make you vulnerable to balding. Unfortunately a lot of men have these “bald” genes. To put it simply: your genes already make you vulnerable to hair loss, and masturbating repeatedly is only going to make things worse.

The combination of DHT and balding genes will make it easier for your body to damage your hair. This is the reason why some men lose hair faster than those who don’t have these genes.

Is There a Vulnerable Age Group?

One of the reasons why some people don’t believe there is a link between hair loss and masturbation is there doesn’t seem to be any study indicating a vulnerable age group. The fact is, a lot of men could suffer from this condition no matter their age.

The general consensus however, is that men 18 to 45 are the most likely to suffer, as they’re the age group that are most likely to engage in frequent masturbation. This is true, though there are cases were younger or older men may engage in excessive masturbation too.

This does not mean men who are not in the 18 to 45 age bracket are not susceptible. They can also suffer from hair loss if they masturbate often. And if they are genetically susceptible, the odds of hair loss increase dramatically.

Conditions That Worsen Hair Loss

What we have established here is that masturbation can lead to a receding hairline and even balding. It has also been established that this can affect any male, but the question is, why is it that the effect is more pronounced in others? This is one of the reasons why some people fail to recognize the link between hair loss and masturbation.

We have already stated that genetics plays a major role: some men are more likely to go bald than others. But sometimes even those who are not genetically vulnerable lose more hair than others.

There are many reasons for hair loss, and any of these can make your condition worse. So even if two men masturbate frequently, one may lose more hair if any of the following conditions are met:

  • Smoking: smoking cause a lot of health problems, and one of those is hair loss. Cigars and cigarettes don’t just damage your lungs but other vital organs in your body. This won’t do your skin or hair any good. The more you smoke, the more your hair becomes vulnerable to damage and baldness.
  • Drinking: this is the same as smoking. Combining frequent masturbation with drinking and smoking is going to further reduce the proteins in your body and make it harder for hair roots to grow.
  • Hormonal Imbalance: earlier we mentioned that high DHT levels cause hormonal imbalance. This is true in most cases, but there are many other reasons for hormones getting imbalanced. If you already have hormonal imbalance and masturbate often, you put yourself at risk of hair loss.
  • Thyroid Problems: those with thyroid issues are already susceptible to balding. A high DHT level will worsen the situation and accelerate hair loss.
  • Scalp Infection: a lot of men who masturbate frequently also suffer from weak scalps which then becomes prone to infection. Infected scalps could lead to ringworm and exacerbate hair loss.
  • Weak Immune System: frequent masturbation leads to physical weakness, and and those with compromised immune systems stand to lose more hair than average.

As this point it is easy to see the cascading effect. What started out as just masturbation becomes an addiction. As you masturbate frequently, it leads to physical stress and other unpleasant side effects.

It eventually starts to affect you emotionally and mentally, worsening your condition. As you think about what is going on, the mental stress contributes to the problem and you end up with a bigger hair loss.

What we have shown here is that there a lot of ways which can worsen hair loss. If you steer clear of these, you’ll be reducing the possibility of getting patchy or balding hair. Of course you also need to cut down on your masturbating for the best effect.

Does Ejaculation In Sex Cause Hair Loss?

We need to emphasize there is no link between hair loss and sex, as it is different from mastubartion. On the contrary, sex offers a lot of benefits such as improving blood circulation and regulating blood pressure. A healthy sex life alleviates body pain and improves sleep. The more you’ll able to sleep better, and this in turn stimulates hair growth.

While these benefits are apparent with sex, you’re not going to  get them when you masturbate. Researchers have yet to determine the reason for this, but the fact is the male human body has a different response when you masturbate  than when you have sex.

Ejaculation and orgasms during sex do not have a detrimental effect on your hair, but doing so when you masturbate is another matter. It’s not yet clear but as we have pointed out, masturbation leads to higher DHT levels and all the problems that go with it as mentioned earlier.

The bottom line is sex does not lead to hair loss the way masturbation does. You don’t have to give up sex to keep your hair, but reducing the number of times you masturbate is a good idea.

Why Masturbation Can Lead to Hair Loss: the Scientific Evidence

One possible reason for this is that orgasms are not the same. According to Associate Professor Tobias S. Kohler at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield, the manner which men ejaculate has an effect on the DHT level.

What the studies indicate is that higher testosterone levels are produced in the testicles. This is what leads to higher DHT. It’s true the human body produces this hormone whether you masturbate or not. The difference is that masturbating too much is going to increase the DHT level to disproportionate levels.

We should point out that while masturbating too much leads to high DHT, there is no scientific evidence that it’s going to cause poor eyesight, lack of concentration or depression. While masturbation cannot be directly blamed for these conditions,  the urge to masturbate repeatedly may cause frustration, stress and the related problems that come with it.

Without the scientific evidence and research we have stated here, it’s understandable why some people find it hard to believe masturbation and receding hairlines are connected. But once you have taken a look at the evidence, you will know why masturbating too much is not good for you.

Ways to Avoid Masturbation Related Hair Loss

The most effective method is to stop masturbating or to reduce the frequency. By doing so you’ll reduce the DHT level in your body and prevent rapid hair loss.  This might take some practice especially if you are addicted to it. But if you persevere, you’re going to feel and see the difference.

You should also go on a healthy diet to replenish the nutrients you lose due to frequent masturbating. Zinc, copper and selenium are just some of the minerals your body loses when you masturbate. These minerals play a vital role in maintaining healthy hair and skin.

You can get the minerals by proper diet or supplements. Regardless of the method you choose, what matters is that you replenish your body’s supply so it doesn’t hinder your hair’s growth.

Some medications can lead to hair loss especially if it is combined with frequent masturbation. Drugs for cancer, heart conditions, arthritis, birth control pills and medicine for hypertension could all lead to hair loss. You could even suffer hair loss if you consume too much vitamin A.

Living a healthy lifestyle is the best solution to hair loss. It might seem like a long way from masturbation, but a closer look reveals there is a link, a correlation between the two.

As researchers have pointed out, hair loss is caused by several factors, and one of those is stress. Masturbating too often can have a severe physical effect on your body. When you’re under stress, it will damage your hair and also your skin since the two share similar properties.

This is where living a healthy lifestyle makes a difference. Eating healthy foods, not masturbating frequently and exercise provides your body with the nutrients essential for hair growth and development. This won’t happen overnight but you’re going to eventually notice that you won’t lose hair like before.

Living a healthy lifestyle is not going to restore your hair overnight. However, living healthy – and not masturbating often – relieves hair follicle stress and reduces DHT conversion. This opens the door for your hair to grow back again and flourish.

If you avoid masturbating often and take dht blocker pills for 6 months and more, then you will see your hair becoming thicker. The bad thing about this is once you stop taking taking dht blocker, then your hair will start to fall again. For this reason, you have to take dht blocker for your entire life.

Summary and Conclusion

For many years now, masturbation was thought to cause blindness, anxiety and other ailments. There is no scientific evidence to support the idea that masturbation causes blindness, but as we have shown here, there is some evidence which indicates that there is real truth to the link between masturbation and hair loss.

So what does it mean? Quite simply that excessive masturbation is not good for your hair. Masturbating every now and then is normal and should not be a cause for concern. However, masturbating multiple times a day every day will take its toll on your hair especially if you are already genetically vulnerable.

Just like with everything else, moderation is the key. If you can minimize or eliminate masturbation, it will go far in reducing your hair problems. By living a healthy lifestyle, you will also provide the proper stimulus for faster hair growth.

If you are already bald and there is no way to get your hair back by stopping masturbating, then the only solution you have is hair transplant. Make sure to go for best hair transplant surgeon to have the best result.

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