Is Your Hair Falling Out?

First of all, I must tell you that it is a normal part of the life cycle of the hair strands to lose 5-100 hair strands daily. So, do not get shocked to notice little hair falling out when you comb or wash your hair. However, it is normal to feel anxious with excessive hair fall. Before taking preventive steps to combat your hair fall, you need to know why your hair is falling. Then you should choose the suitable remedial procedure to prevent the hair fall.


There may be many reasons behind hair fall. For example – side effects of medicine, taking chemotherapy, genetic factors, bad food habit, stress, malnutrition, low blood circulation, hormonal imbalances, etc.


  • If there is excessive hair loss, do not be afraid to talk to your doctor. Perhaps it is one of the side effects of a drug, and if you search Google by the name of the drug you are using you can find out what side effects of medicine you may get.
  • To reduce or control your hair fall, first and foremost thing to do is to watch your diet and get some regular exercise along with regular massages to your scalp to increase the blood circulation.
  • Excessive stress can also cause hair loss. In this case follow the tips of stress management and do regular exercise like yoga which can go a long way in reducing stress. Apparently yoga helps in curbing hair fall and there are some special exercises which specially target reducing hair fall.
  • Include vitamins A, Vitamin B and Vitamin E and iron in your daily menu. Add high protein foods in your menu. Eat fish and chicken for at least 2 to 3 days a week.
  • Massage your scalp with hair oil. Massaging with coconut oil is very effective for hair. It is very good to heat the oil before oil massage. If you do not have time to apply oil, you can massage your scalp simply by using your finger tips.
  • Applying onion juice and massaging it on the scalp decreases hair fall. Before going to sleep massage your scalp with the onion juice and then shampoo your hair the next morning.
  • Apply mehendi paste on your hair, and if you do not find it, then grind the mehendi powder which is available in any super store and make it into a paste. Apply the paste on your hair.
  • Drop two sachets of green in one cup of hot water. Then let it stay soaked for few minutes and when it gets cold massage your hair with it. Then wash the hair after one hour.


  • Do not comb wet hair. Do not wrap hair tightly with a towel to dry it fast. Rather let the hair dry in the normal air.
  • Use less chemical products in your hair. Reduce the use of hair straightening products. Try to use natural hair care treatments.
  • Clean your hair regularly.
  • Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.
  • Do not change your shampoo repeatedly.

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