Home Remedy To Grow New Hair Naturally

One of the most beautiful things of a woman is her lustrous hair.  But the sad truth is that more or less, almost all of the women have to suffer from one or more hair problems.  In some cases, either hair is falling excessively while in other cases, some are facing problems of baldness.  Many people being frustrated with these problems starts following different types of treatments, blindly. In spite of trying so many treatments the hair fall neither decreases nor does the hair become healthier. But there is a solution to these problems and that can be found in organic hair growth products that are available in your home’s kitchen.  The home remedy will not only decrease the hair fall but it will also increase the growth of hair.


(1) 1 onion

Onion has sulfur in it which is extremely beneficial for hair. It increases blood circulation on the scalp and nourishes hair follicles. It also contains anti bacterial properties which removes infections from the scalp and also eliminates the fungus. It helps to increase hair growth and newer hair grows.  It’s tried and tested myself.

(2) 4 black peppers

Lots of vitamins A, C and anti oxidant properties are found in the black peppers. But use a small amount of black peppers when It’s used for hair

(3) 1 large rose flower

The large sized roses which are used in preparing the rose water should be used in this recipe. There is a kind of sweet smell in those types of roses. The rose used in this recipe will help to keep away the strong smell of the onion juice Pink petals of the rose also helps in increasing hair growth.


First, take 4 black peppers and let the peppers soak in one tablespoon of water overnight. Take the onion and slice it into small pieces. Now combine the onion, black pepper (along with water), rose petals together in a blender and blend them together. When blended, a smooth paste will be formed. You can put this paste directly on the hair if you want. If you want to avoid the trouble during washing your hair, then strain the paste and take out the juice for applying on the hair.


– Brush the hair well. Now dip a cotton ball in the juice and squeeze out the extra juice from it. Divide the hair into two equal sections and apply the juice with the help of the cotton ball.  Apply the juice thoroughly all over your scalp

– When the juice is applied all over the scalp, massage it slowly with the help of fingers for at least 5 minutes.

– After that leave the juice on your hair for 1 hour and let it work its magic. Wash it off with a shampoo after 1 hour. In case of choosing shampoo use a mild shampoo (which does not have any sulfate). Using shampoo which has sulfate in it will never reduce your hair fall.

– Keep on using the juice in this manner for at least two days a week and for several months.

Of course, you need to be patient for better results. You cannot stop using the juice just within two days of application. Natural and home remedies take a little time to work. So be patient and keep on using the juice. You will start noticing signs of new hair growth just within two to three months.

So, you just got to know how to reduce hair fall and make your hair grow faster. Hopefully, by patiently using the above described method, you will definitely get good results. The above procedure did a great job in my case. In one and a half months, I found new hair growing. Hopefully you will also be benefitted with it.

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