Hair Oil For A Dandruff-free And Longer Hair

All women desire for a healthy and beautiful hair. But one of the major problems of hair is the dandruff. This problem causes other problems such as excessive itching in the scalp, hair falls and even acne on the skin.  However, no matter how dreadful the problem of dandruff is, there is always an easy solution for it.

To get rid of dandruff, you have to prepare the hair oil yourself. Apart from removing your dandruff problems, this hair oil will help in making the hair become thicker and longer. Today, we will discuss about a certain type of hair oil recipe.

Necessary Ingredients

  1. Coconut oil
  2. Fenugreek seeds
  3. Curry leaves
  4. Aloe Vera


Coconut oil 100 milliliters, 20 grams of Fenugreek seeds, a handful of curry leaf (available in super shop), 20 gram equal amount of Aloe Vera


  1. First, wash an Aloe Vera leaf thoroughly and cut out the green part of the surrounding area. This will leave you with the inner soft slippery transparent part and then cut the slippery inside part into small pieces.
  2. Wash the curry leaves in plenty of water. Then drain the water or wipe the leaves with a clean cloth.
  3. Then put a bowl on the stove and heat it slightly. When the bowl is heated slightly, pour little coconut oil in it. Heat the oil for three minutes.
  4. When the coconut oil is hot, pour few fenugreek seeds in it. Heat the mixture on the stove for few minutes and be aware that the fenugreek seeds do not burn. If you want, you may stir the mixture with a spoon time to time. Keep on doing this for a while.
  5. Now put the curry leaves in it. If you want, you may put small amount of the curry leaves rather than putting the leaves all together. However, I tend to pour inside all the leaves together.
  6. Put the Aloe Vera pieces in it and keep stirring the oil. Slowly the pieces will become smaller. Keep stirring until the curry leaves dry up and the Aloe Vera pieces become tiny. Keep stirring like this but do not burn it.
  7. Finally, cool the oil down. Then strain out the oil and store it in a glass bottle. The quality of oil stays good in a glass bottle. The quality of the oil is destroyed if its kept in a plastic bottle.

Using Method

Apply this oil thoroughly all over your hair along with scalp for two to three times a week. Wash hair with a good shampoo the very next day. Apply a good hair conditioner. This oil can be used as massage oil. This hair oil is also suitable for kids.


Curry leaves include Iron, Vitamin C, and Phosphorus. So using this oil will make your hair become denser. Moreover, hair also becomes stronger from the roots and along with it, hair fall also decreases. You will get back the healthy hair by using this oil regularly.

Aloe Vera is beneficial for removing dandruff. It has Glycoprotein, which acts as an anti-inflammatory compound which is helpful in removing dandruff and scalp-related problems.

Fenugreek seeds act as a good source of nicotine acid and protein. It helps in bringing back the natural brightness to the hair.


  1. Refrain yourself from using the oil if you have any allergic reactions to the ingredients used in it.
  2. Choose a shampoo suitable for your hair. Be careful while choosing the anti-dandruff shampoo if you have the tendency of excessive hair-fall and dandruff. Because, in many cases it is seen that the anti dandruff shampoo can cause more hair falling problems.

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