An Effective Shampoo To Prevent Hair Fall

The northwesterly wind is blowing all over and it seems winter is knocking on the door. The coldness of winter can indeed be a little bit harsh on our hair as the dryness does not only prevail among the leaves of the trees but during winter our hair also tends to become dry. However, protection is the key during these times and we all need to stay well prepared for the winter so that we can cherish our nurtured hair no matter how chilly the weather is.

Some of us might be stressed with the hair fall problem during this season. Well, I was also no exception to this problem. As such, to stay well-prepared, I thought about purchasing an anti-hair fall shampoo. So, I bought Clear Anti Hair Fall Shampoo from the superstore at my area. Here, I am now, after using it for 3 weeks I am writing my experience and reviewing it for my dearest friends.

At the beginning I must say that my hair type is normal. My hair gets sweaty during the summer and dry during the winter. Due to the oiliness of the hair we can hardly see the dandruff during summer but with the arrival of winter the dryness of hair and scalp makes the dandruff more prevalent. What the company claims about clear anti dandruff shampoo is that- it reduces both the dandruff and the hair fall. Well, that’s what I always wanted for my hair. However, I just cannot go with whatever they claim rather it must work according to its claim.

First of all, I liked the sweet smell of the shampoo. It did not dry my hair like other dandruff shampoos. After using it most of the dandruff went away and it also left my hair soft and nourished. After three weeks of use I saw that hair fall slightly decreased. I must have said earlier that, dandruff is one of the reason for which our hair falls and since the shampoo fights against dandruff hair fall is supposed to decrease naturally.

Zinc pyrithione is the most effective ingredient among all the active ingredients used in anti-dandruff shampoos around the world. I was glad to see Zinc Pyrithione in the ingredient list of Clear Anti Hair Fall Shampoo. Since Unilever is a renowned company around the world, so hopefully they have used the Zinc Pyrithione in the correct amount. Besides, sodium loreal sulphate, which helps to create lather when used in excess quantity in shampoos, harms both hair and scalp. If this ingredient is present in huge quantity in the shampoos, eyes and scalp feels irritated. However, I have not faced any such incident while using this shampoo.

I’m fairly satisfied by using this shampoo. As a bonus, I also noticed more voluminous hair after each wash with the shampoo.


I used the shampoo just like all other shampoo. I applied it to wet hair and massaged into my scalp for 2-3 minutes. Then just like all other shampoos, I rinsed it off with plenty of water. Because every shampoo works best with its conditioner, I used a conditioner in this case also.

To get a good result,  along with regularly washing your hair with the shampoo some other practices necessary for hair are as follow:

  • Get enough sleep, 8-10 hours
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Stay stress-free
  • Keep hair brush, towel and pillow case neat and clean.

Use some Hair Packs for 3-4 times a month.

For example:-

  1. Hair pack made from honey, eggs, bananas and vinegar.
  2. Hair pack made from mayonnaise, oil, glycerin and Vitamin E Capsules Hair
  3. Aloe Vera Gel Hair Pack
  4. Hair Packs made from Mehedi leaves, yogurt, and tea liquor.
  5. Fenugreek powder, ripe banana and coconut oil hair packs
  6. Amlaki juice and coconut oil hair pack.

You can use any one of the above hair pack or use all of them consecutively and then keep continuing to use the one which best suits you

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