Daily Hair Care Tips For This Summer

We all get fed up of the excessive heat during the summer month. It seems almost impossible to protect ourselves from the heat, sun and humidity while staying outside and even inside our home. Likewise, the skin and hair also has to keep on fighting endless battles with the adverse environment.

The summer month comes with heat and humidity which makes our hair feel sticky and oily. During this season, airborne dust particles release bacteria, and fungus spores. This causes dandruff-like itching and flaking on the scalp along with other scalp-related problems such as infections and hair fall.

The summer heat makes our hair dull, lifeless and degrades the hair conditions. Sweat, sebum and dirt getting accumulated on the hair follicle leads to a severe itchy scalp. As such it is very important to keep the hair neat and clean. Shampooing the hair on a daily basis during the summer time is also recommendable. A clarifying shampoo is an essential item for cleaning the hair thoroughly. Apart from this, it is also important to take some other extra hair cares to beat the heat this summer.

So, let’s get to know about few things you can do to take care of your hair during this summer.

After returning home from outside, the hair should be properly dried off in cool air so that no sweat stay accumulated. In no way should sweaty and damp hair be tied.  Those who go out every day must shampoo their hair daily and should also apply hair conditioners. While washing the hair, special attention must be given to use plenty of water to rinse out the shampoo properly. Putting too much pressure on the scalp can result into greasier hair and it is advisable to spend considerable amount of time for rinsing and lathering the shampoo. Excess shampoo or conditioner build-ups in the scalp and might irritate the scalp resulting in dandruff. The next step is to google the term “how to get rid of dandruff and hair fall,” and look for solution! No need to elsewhere in Google if you avoid building up of shampoo or conditioner, by thoroughly rinsing the hair.

You may also apply good hair oil while going to bed. This will work as a deep hair conditioner. Mixing a small quantity of lemon juice with the oil before applying on hair will work better for fighting dandruff. To prevent hair fall mix a small quantity of amalaki/ gooseberry juice and castor oil with the coconut oil and then massage it on your hair scalp. Wash it off the next day. Applying Aloe Vera on hair this summer will work as a wonder for treating hair condition and also preventing hair loss.

Wash off your hair properly after few minutes of applying the Aloe Vera juice. You can make a pack by mixing Aloe Vera juice, fenugreek powder and triphala/3 ingredient mixture (Amalaki, Haritaki/Myrobalan and infused water). Applying this pack on hair assists in reducing hair fall and also makes hair healthier.  Make a pack by mixing yogurt, hay leaf, fenugreek powder and lemon juice together for hair care. Apply it on your hair and wait for 30 minutes and then wash it off. This helps in fighting dandruff and the lemon juice also makes the hair shinier. Apply this mixture at least once a weak. You can also make a pack by mixing ripe bananas, amlaki, and honey and fenugreek powder together and apply it on your hair. It will soften the hair and also treat the sun damage.

This summer try not to tie your hair too tightly rather opt for a comfortable hair style using simply a punch clip. Style your hair comfortably this summer. While drying your hair, avoid using hair dryer. Blow-drying your hair speeds up the process of hair loss and hair breakage. During the daytime always use an umbrella or scarf while getting outside of your home.

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