8 Hair Care Tips For Expecting Moms During Pregnancy

A woman experiences a fulfillment when she reaches the stage of becoming a mother herself.  Becoming a mother is overwhelming for all women and the joy of pregnancy is unexplainable. But in addition to happiness every new mother has to face some minor shortcomings during the time of pregnancy.  It is very rare to find a single ‘mother’ who survived the entire period of her pregnancy without any problem.

Pregnancy is a natural process. As the embryo gradually increases, the mother’s body starts to undergo some little changes. As such, a mother needs to take extra care of herself for the sake of the unborn baby. Most of the people think that this extra care for the mother means only eating a proper diet and hence forget about the expecting mother’s hair care.

Hair care during pregnancy might sound silly to many among us but the truth is many women experiences changes in their hair condition during pregnancy.

Other than eating a good balanced diet, the expecting mothers also need to take care of their hair or else, who knows what problems may arise. Pregnancy causes physical changes due to the extra hormones coursing through the body and hair is no exception to the change. So you may need some extra care for your hair for those special months.

What kind of changes you can expect?

Women with dry hair textures may start noticing their hair turning oily during the time of pregnancy. Many women may even fortunately start to get denser hair while others are left bald. Most of us blame the hormones for these changes, and many among us think that these changes are mostly temporary. Now, you will get to know the real causes of various hair problems during pregnancy. During this time, with the increase in demand for protein, the level of estrogen and blood volume also increases and these are the main causes of hair loss / change in women during pregnancy.

In this regard, some simple tips will help you to get rid of these problems.

Applying Hair Oil:

Applying hair oil is the best possible way of taking care of your hair during pregnancy. Apply oil to your hair for 3/4 days a week. Massage your hair with light warm oil and let it stay like this for a few minutes. Wrap your hair with a hot towel. This method of wrapping the hair with a hot towel will help in absorbing the oil in the scalp and along with it the hair follicles will also get stronger.

Time to say goodbye to hair-dye:

If you have the habit of dying your hair then you need to temporarily give this up during the time of your pregnancy. It is because; the toxic chemical used in the hair dye is harmful for the unborn baby. If you are still willing to color your hair, then go for applying mehendi to your hair to have a natural highlight.

Pamper yourself with a comfortable hair massage:

During the time of pregnancy all most all women go through a high stress and anxiety levels. A calm mind is indeed a much important thing. In this case, a comfortable head massage will be rewarding for you. Mix almond oil with olive oil. Then massage the oil on your hair with full relaxation.

Choosing the right shampoo:

During this time, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and do not forget to apply conditioner after shampooing. It is best to avoid the shampoos with harmful chemicals.

Wet hair should not be brushed:

If you are really concerned about your hair during pregnancy, then you need to stop combing your hair when it is wet. In fact you should never comb wet hair irrespective of the fact that you are pregnant or not. It is because the hair is very soft when it is in wet condition and as such combing the hair will only result in hair loss.

Enjoy the change:

Changes in hair texture during pregnancy are quite normal. Women with straight hair may start getting bouncy waves and more volume in their hair. This change will give you new look and so enjoy it without being overly concerned. Bring new and flexible hairstyle to suit the change accordingly.

Go for a hair mask with natural ingredients:

If you prepare a hair mask with amlaki (gooseberry), hartaki (Myrobalan), yogurt, eggs, and mehendi and then apply it on your hair regularly you will notice that hair fall will decrease and hair will stay in the good condition. You can also use natural ingredients like banana and honey. We all know that these ingredients are the powerhouse of nutrition. Moreover, these ingredients do not pose any threat to your health rather provides the necessary nutrients for hair.

Regular hair cut and trimming:

The ends of the hair should be trimmed after each 3 months. During pregnancy the hair growth is faster. As such, trimming the hair ends will help in managing the hair. If you want, you can also try any new hairstyles.

Finally, I would recommend getting adequate vitamins and a good balanced food. Drink plenty of water. During pregnancy, the body needs extra protein and not taking enough protein will cause harmful effects on your hair. During the time of pregnancy, in addition to the hormonal changes, your hair will be thicker and longer.  So take food and vitamins according to your doctor’s advice. Apart from these, it is also important to take adequate exercise and moderate rest for healthy hair. Last but not the least; I give best wishes to all the expecting mothers.

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