7 Nourishing Drinks You Can Make At Home For Thicker Hair

For beautiful and healthy hair, our body needs protein, complex carbohydrate, healthy fat, mineral and vitamins. Inadequate nutrition or excessive diets are some of the main reasons for hair loss. And these are the reasons for which our hair losses its thickness and vitality. The mineral and vitamin from our food intake first helps in function of the vital organisms of our body, and then the hair follicles and the nails receive the remaining nutrients. So you can understand that the remaining nutrient reaches our hair after a very long time. As such, it is important for us to take adequate quantity of protein, complex carbohydrate, healthy fat, mineral and vitamins.

Today, we will talk about certain types of refreshing drinks that nourish and revitalize the hair. There are some fruits and foods which we do not like to eat directly but love to take them as juice or when prepared into any other form of drinks. The most important thing is not yet mentioned. Our body tends to absorb the nutrition more easily from juices and liquids compared to the raw food items and as such we can gain a better result much more quickly when we prepare the food items into a juice.

(1) Carrots:

Carrots contain vitamin A which makes our scalps healthy and also makes the hair shine. It plays an important role in the production of sebum. By producing healthy sebum, carrots help the hair to grow rapidly. Now let’s get to know the procedure of making a healthy and nourished carrot juice –

Slice two peeled carrots into pieces. Take half cup of sweet curd along with it. If you are willing to use yogurt, then add a little chili and salt. But if you prefer sweet curd then you will not need those extra ingredients. Now blend the items together and drink this delicious juice each morning along with your breakfast.

(2) Ripe tomatoes:

Tomatoes contain antioxidants, which increase the blood flow in the scalp. Because of this good blood circulation and blood flow, the hair follicles are well stimulated which helps in awakening the roots of the hair. Slice one ripe tomato into pieces.

Blend the tomato pieces together with little amount of coriander leaves, a little chili and salt. If you want then you can strain the mixture and then serve the juice.

(3) Amlaki(Gooseberry):

We all apply the powder of amlaki/gooseberry on our hair. However, eating 4/5 gooseberries with little amount of salt sprinkled on it prevents the hair loss more rapidly. Amlakis contain a lot of iron, which helps to grow new hair, as well as help prevent hair loss. And thus our hair also becomes thick.

(4) Kiwi:

Kiwi is not available in many countries and many of us are not familiar with it. But this fruit is easily available in some other countries. Kiwi is enriched with Vitamin C and even is filled with 2times more vitamin C than an orange. This Vitamin C is as useful for the hair follicles, healthy hair and as well as beneficial for hair growth. Vitamin E found in Kiwi also helps to repair the tissues inside the scalp of our hair and similarly it also helps in re-building the damaged hair follicles. Now we will get to know about a procedure of preparing a smoothie by using the Kiwi.

1 Kiwi, 2 table spoon of yogurt, a few nuts and half a cup of ripe mango are all the ingredients you will need. Blend the ingredients together and serve the smoothie instantly.

(5) Spinach:

You might feel hesitant to try out any drinking recipe with spinach. But once you compare a healthy drink made from spinach with a juice made from bitter gourd or bitter melon, it will no more be a problem. So drink the juice for few days and see the results quickly.  Spinach is very beneficial for hair growth, because it contains vitamin A, C and lots of protein. These nutrients produce natural oil in hair scalps which helps in increasing the hair growth. Just as our hair growth is hindered for the lack of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, our hair also loses its vitality. Spinach contains calcium and iron and these two components are also necessary for rapid growth of hair. In the absence of these components our hair becomes thin, frail, and lifeless. Keep in mind that compared to thicker hair, the thinner type of hair takes much more time to grow.

(6) Aloe Vera:

You must have noticed that Aloe Vera Juice is a popular item which is often sold along the roadside and the pavements. However, you may doubt about its hygiene and as such you can prepare the Aloe Vera juice all by yourself.  Aloe Vera contains Amino Acid, Protein, Mineral and Vitamin A and Vitamin C which is especially good for damaged hair. It even plays a significant role in new hair growth. Let’s get to know about a procedure of preparing the Aloe Vera Juice.

Take an Aloe Vera leaf and slit the edges to take out the outer layer. Scoop out the greenish gel from inside with the help of a spoon. You can now blend the gel long with a glass of water, a bit of green chili and salt. Drink up the juice as this will work as a complete treatment for your hair.

(7) Cucumber:

There is an enough amount of silica, sulfur and vitamin A in the cucumber. These ingredients are very beneficial for hair growth and also for reducing the hair loss. Raw cucumber juice helps in making the hair stronger. Cucumbers can deal with some common problems of hair fall effectively. As such, develop a habit of eating a raw cucumber along with its flesh on a daily basis. After 1 month you will notice new hair is growing and peeking out of your hairlines.

We all hope to get benefits by applying the food items on our skin rather than eating them directly.  But by applying the food items we can achieve only a temporary beauty and benefits. For permanent benefit our body needs the nutrition from inside. So try to eat the nourishing food items in a moderate amount so that you can get back the vitality of your hair and make your hair silky and shiny. In deed once you get back the lustrous hair back, you will keep on playing with your thick hair locks all the time and all by yourself.

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