7 Ingredients You Can Use To Get Thick Volume Hair Naturally

Pollution, chemical treatments, frequent ironing, and heat styling all of these take a heavy toll causing our hair to become damaged, thinner and lifeless. To fix the dry, damaged and brittle hair problems, many among us seek for salon-based hair treatments. But the truth is, none of those miracle salon hair treatments resolve the hair problem permanently. It is because instead of using natural ingredients those treatments use harmful and damaging chemicals on your hair to provide you with instant results. As such, rather than going for the expensive hair treatments, the following tips will benefit you to get your desired natural, thick and beautiful hair while you are at your own home.

  • Oil

Applying hair oil is the best hair care one can have. And massaging hair with oil may be the easiest way to achieve thicker hair naturally. In case of hair oil, coconut oil is most widely used. However, if you use a mixture of the following oils to massage your scalp you will get better results of thicker hair within a short time. These oils are the easily available in our country –

  1. Almond Oil and Castor Oil
  2. Sesame oil and mustard oil
  3. Olive Oil and Castor Oil

Before sleeping at night, lightly massage your hair with the mixture of these oils. Take a little while to massage hair with the oil so that the oil reaches the roots of each hair strands.  If it is not possible for you to keep the oil on your hair overnight, apply the oil just 1 hour before bath and then shampoo when taking your shower. If you can apply and massage your scalp with the oil 2 times a week in this manner, you will notice that your hair fall will decrease significantly just within 1 month and on the other hand new hair will also start to grow.

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  • Egg:

One of the easiest and the shortest possible way to achieve thicker and better hair condition is to apply an egg hair mask. Eggs contain natural proteins, which help to thicken the hair. Vitamins found in the eggs reach the roots of the hair easily, providing nutrients and doing excellent work to restore the vitality of the hair. Separate the white part of an egg and beat it well. Then it should be applied on the hair from the tip to the bottom with the help of a brush or directly with the hand. Many among us tend to avoid using eggs on the hair because it gets tough to manage the hair while applying it. Sometimes, hair gets tangled and messy while applying the egg. In this case, after applying the white part of the egg on your hair, carefully brush the hair strands with a thick tooth comb. Then tie your hair lightly or wear a shower cap. Wash the hair in normal water and shampoo after waiting for 20-30 minutes. There is no need to apply hair conditioner on the day when you are applying egg on your hair. Keep following the above method for at least once a weak and very soon you will notice the hair becoming thicker and bouncing with lots of volume.

  • Gelatin:

It is usually used in the manufacture of jelly. But gelatin is also quite useful for improving volume and density of the hair. Generally, two types of gelatin are available in the market, one is flavored and the other is unflavored. It’s better to use the unflavored gelatin powder for hair. Gelatin for hair can be used in two ways. You can mix it with shampoo, or use it as a separate pack. Pour the gelatin powder in hot water and stir it to form a thick paste and then mix it with your shampoo. Shake the bottle thoroughly every time before shampooing. The shampoo with the gelatin might feel a bit thicker in the hair. To use the gelatin as a pack, mix it with hot water and then apply it to the hair. The gelatin helps in filling the damaged hair with protein and with regular use your hair will become thicker very soon.

  • Aloe Vera:

Scoop out the greenish gel from inside of an Aloe Vera and mix it with 4 spoons of honey and apply it directly on the hair. If you want, you can add a hair treatment cream in it. Along with making your hair thicker Aloe Vera also helps in preventing the hair ends from splitting.

  • Honey:

Honey is a valuable source of nutrients and is also a wonderful ingredient for your hair. You can apply the honey directly on your hair. Honey works as a very good moisturizer for the scalp. However, honey might feel sticky while applying on your hair, so take a little bit of honey (not more than 4-5 spoons) of honey in the palm of the head and apply it on your scalp. Then keep your hair tied for 15 minutes. Be concerned and check to see if the honey has reached almost all corners of the scalp. Finally wash it with water. Honey contains vitamins and minerals which   help in revitalizing your hair and strengthening each strand and making your hair denser and bouncier.

  • Onion:

By rubbing slices of onions on the areas where hair is thinner, will assist you with increased blood circulation which in turn helps to grow new hair. Regularly using onion on hair heals the damaged areas of the hair follicles. Those who have thinner hair can rub few slices of onions on the scalp for 10-12 minutes and can gain a positive result just within 2-3 weeks of the use.

  • Capsicum:

No matter how weird it sounds, capsicum makes the hair thicker. Leave one capsicum in hot boiling water and let it stay in it for 7 minutes. Then wait 15 minutes for the water to cool down. Massage your hair with this tonic water just after shampooing and wash it off after 20 minutes. In order to get better results, this process should be followed regularly for at least two days a week.  Your hair will start to feel fuller and get thicker just within a month.

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